Hybrid working is now the new standard amongst modern companies. Offering a mixture of office-based and remote working opportunities, employees are given the flexibility to get work done when and where they’re most productive. In fact, according to research conducted by TravelPerk, 76% of respondents have confirmed a shift towards hybrid working since the coronavirus pandemic.

But how many of those have taken the time to think about their employee’s needs, re-evaluate their office space and ensure it provides value where collaboration is key? We imagine a lot less than 76%.

So, with that in mind, here’s how to design a hybrid office space and meet the needs of a distributed workforce.

1. Provide flexibility with modular furniture

The ability to adapt and alter the environment to suit employees is a key foundation of the hybrid workspace. Therefore, modular furniture has become a pivotal feature in today’s office spaces. This includes everything from soft seating, desks and pods, through to storage solutions and acoustic dividers.

Essentially, that’s anything that has the capacity to be altered towards an individual or company’s needs.

Giving employees the ability to structure the furniture they work on enables them to replicate their remote working setup for a sense of comfort in the office environment. Modular furniture also accommodates for any later changes in office layout or culture - a future-proof investment that inspires employees, without the cost of buying furniture every few years.

At Haiken, our Zilenzio furniture range gives you the option to remove and replace fabric covers for the ultimate flexibility. Simply change the cover when a new look is desired and bring a new lease of life into the workplace. Check out our range of Zilenzio products, or contact our team for further information.

Zilenzio office furniture

2. Create a separate area dedicated to collaboration 

We’ve explored the importance of collaboration in a previous article, which covers an innovative idea through a ‘campfire’ future of the workplace. If you haven’t seen this post already, we highly recommend you take a read – the included facts and figures will certainly get you thinking.

Research suggests that when in the office, employees naturally want to interact with their colleagues and cooperate on projects. In fact, according to data collected by Harvard Business Review, time spent by employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more in the past two decades.

Because of this, ensuring your company has adequate social spaces to aid team productivity is essential towards hybrid working.

To create a dedicated space for collaboration, you’ll want to make use of comfortable seating for a relaxed, social space. For open plan offices, use large dividers and screens to separate the collaborative area from the main desking area. This will help reduce any noise disruption and keep employees focused with the task at hand.

office space

3. Use smart office storage

Commonly used to create a clutter-free and welcoming office space, storage solutions such as lockers, cabinets, and drawers remain an essential part of all workspaces.

Companies looking to adapt towards a hybrid working model are encouraged to make their space feel as modern and comfortable as possible – and well-designed smart storage units can certainly help achieve this.

Named after an inventor, engineer, and architect, Brunel is amongst the smartest of storage solutions for offices. Featuring LoQit technology, Brunel facilitates secure storage whilst providing an easy-to-manage and user-friendly system perfect for a hybrid working environment. The lockers can be arranged to suit your space perfectly, whether that be in one or multiple blocks. Explore more on the Brunel smart locker system and cover your workspace for the future.

smart storage

Create a hybrid office space with furniture from Haiken

At Haiken, we supply a range of stylish and ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, soft seating and smart storage solutions for all your office needs. Focusing on more than just looks, our office furniture range is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and uses quality where it matters to provide cost-effective solutions for all budgets.

We love to work closely with our clients to recommend furniture that suits their business, or their clients’ business best. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Haiken furniture range and how it can help you achieve a hybrid office space, contact our expert team today – we’re always happy to help and answer any questions you have.