The smart storage solution.

Named after an inventor, engineer, and architect extraordinaire, Brunel is amongst the smartest of storage solutions and the only locker solution in the market with a banking license! This makes Brunel the perfect choice for offices, public changing rooms, banks, healthcare institutions, shopping malls, and educational facilities. Backed by the LoQit platform, Brunel facilitates secure storage of valuables with sleek design and high-tech features - achieve a user-friendly, easy-to-manage, smart storage solution with Brunel. 

Whether you use the payment function in the app, the reservation function on a website or the payment function on our terminal, it is all possible within the LoQit platform. Even the use of coins to rent a locker is part of the possibilities.

The complete multipayment locker management system makes the rental of your lockers even easier and more profitable. 

Haiken x Loqit

Why LoQit technology?

With decades of experience in the field of safe storage, our partner LoQit provides Haiken with the latest technology to engineer state-of-the-art smart locker systems. From locker management software through to self-management, cloud management, and system integrations, LoQit make it all possible.

Why LoQit technology?


With the flexibility of the system and the range of locker options, the smart locker system can be tailor-made to suit any industry. The Brunel smart storage solution benefits from complete locker management for easy assembly, linking, and integration.

With access to an API for extensive possibilities too, you can adjust the dashboards to fit your space and show only the functionalities you require. Through its closed system and integration in the cloud, there is the option to purchase the complete locker management as a service.



An intuitive and user-friendly system allows for the administrator to optimise locker usage with accurate and flexible allocation of lockers through easy locker and user grouping. Through the self-management application, the Brunel smart storage solution provides a low management burden as well as great user independence.

Using a management log in, diverse actions in regard to lockers can be achieved remotely including reporting. Generate a wide range of locker reports including usage and payments, and perform diverse actions remotely.



When it comes to security, the Brunel smart storage solution cuts no corners. With secure bank licensing for payments, cloud-hosted software, a smart locking system, and anti-theft technology, your belongings are in safe hands (or should we say lockers).

This, combined with ISO9001, ISO27001, 14001, SOC1/SOC2 and SSAE16/SSAE3402, you really can’t go wrong with Haiken’s Brunel smart storage solution.

The system also features a self-centring device that corrects any shifted lockers to allow for proper closure as well as the option to generate an active signal as a response to certain events such as door forced open or non-closure of locker


Engineered for now and with the future in mind, the Brunel smart storage lockers allow for easy upscaling, with the possibility to add extra functionality down the line.

Its DC PLC technology, which eliminates the need for cables between the lock and door communication, minimises vulnerability and achieves impressive life expectancy. Suitable for all current and future scanning operations too, the Brunel can cater for Pin Code usage, RFID, smartphone technology, and biometric scanning including fingerprint and facial recognition. With Haiken’s Brunel, you’re covered for the future.

Future-Proof Smart Lockers

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Gym & fitness facilities

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