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At Haiken, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously.

As an eco-conscious team looking to make a difference, our goals are based both in science and sensibility, and seek to provide immediate and long-term environmental outcomes. We strive to manufacture qualitative office furniture solutions with responsibly sourced materials that keep our planet, health, and future in mind.

Our progress so far

In collaboration with Ecologi, Haiken are committed to being part of building a better world by having a climate positive workforce. We understand that sustainability is not a quick fix, and we will continue increasing our efforts every year to protect the planet we love. 

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Our aims for the future

We recognize our responsibility towards the protection of the environment and demonstrate our commitment to preventing pollution through compliance with applicable environmental legislation, guidance, and best practices.

As part of these efforts, we are currently working towards an accredited ISO 14001 environmental management system as well as becoming carbon-neutral certified and a certified B-Corporation.

Playing our part

Our office furniture products are made from sustainable materials

To reduce our use of non-renewable resources, we source environmentally friendly materials for our office furniture.

  • Stone Wool
  • FSC accredited wood, and wood-based materials
  • Fabrics made from plants or waste

Stone Wool:

Stone wool is made from 100% natural stone, a durable multi-purpose material that is functional, and sustainable.

  • 100% plastics free. Made from natural stone.
  • Contains no harmful materials and is not classified as an irritating material.
  • Stone wool is incombustible. Fire class A1.
  • By 2030, 20% of the stone wool will be sourced from recycled material

FSC accredited wood, and wood-based materials

We partner with FSC accredited material suppliers who source wood from reliably and responsibly sourced forests.

Fabrics made from plants or waste

From trash to treasure. We source textiles made from waste plants and plastics, to ensure us, you as our clients and your clients, can achieve environmental goals.

  • Natural hemp, silk, and flax fabrics made from plant stem fibers offer a sustainable, renewable, functional, and fully fire-retardant solution for modern office spaces.
  • Fabrics made from marine plastic waste ensure a cleaner ocean and environment without compromising on durability or functionality.
  • Coming in 2023: An innovative sustainable fabric made from recycled yarn waste in a twill weave.

Our office furniture products are made to last

We understand that to be truly sustainable, we must look towards the future.

Fast furniture is not what we do - our office products focus on quality and innovation and are designed to last, providing you with long-term, sustainable solutions to your office needs. As we thoroughly believe in the quality of our product and therefore the increasing lifespan, we offer 10-12 year warranties on our task chairs and workstations.

  • Removable fabrics
  • Ergonomic solutions
  • No waste

Removable fabrics

We manufacture furniture that allows for fabrics to be removed from their base, sent to be recycled into new fabric, and replaced. Allowing you to keep in trend, whilst minimizing the disposal of waste to landfill. By 2025, 20% of our floor and table screens will feature removable fabric.

Ergonomic solutions

We develop clever design solutions to increase the lifetime of our products. Our height-adjustable workstations come with a telescopic frame meaning that if your workforce grows, only the tops need to be exchanged for a future-proof solution.

No waste

We do understand that sometimes furniture comes to the end of its life. We work with partners to build in the re-purposing of your furniture. Our furniture is also specifically designed with reuse and recycling in mind.

Committed to being better

As an eco-conscious team looking to make a difference, we do things the right way. With our planet, our health, and our future in mind.


- Reduce our use of non-renewable resources.

- Maximise recycling and recovery of waste.

- Minimize disposal of waste to landfill.

- Sustainable product materials and design.

- Factories use state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment.

- The most modern and advanced production facilities in Europe that generates minimum waste.


- Ergonomic solutions tailored to suit the needs of a diverse workforce.

- Furniture designed for improved physical and mental wellbeing.

- Creating our own happy and healthy workforce with e.g. team members being trained as Mental Health First Aiders.

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