By Haiken

The height-adjustable Wolfe desk is robust and offers maximum strength for a minimum weight. With its telescopic frame, the versatile Wolfe is futureproof for changing demands in a growing workforce. The almost inaudible motor operation ensures zero disturbance to surrounding colleagues. A shock-absorb feature between frame and table top mitigates any tremor transfer.

Our clever four-height desk was inspired by the equally smart Sir John Wolfe Barry, one of the brains behind the Iconic Tower Bridge of London. While there were others who made its grand gothic façade, it was the innovation of Wolfe Barry that crafted the engineering marvel in the form of a silent, move-able bridge to allow ships through. The quiet yet fluid movement was driven by clever design and craft, which is precisely the spirit in which the Wolfe desk has been created - quiet, fluid and ingenious, if we do say so ourselves!