Since Covid-19 began, the education sector had a tough job as they had to adapt classroom layouts in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. It seems that some of these changes will need to remain in place even now restrictions are easing.

With pressure continuing on optimisation of resources within educational spaces, smart storage management for students is becoming increasingly more important. This is because not only does it keep belongings safe, but also the smart locker systems can be managed from a distance which can reduce over-crowding.

In this article, we will be discussing the 4 key reasons why the education sector will benefit from smart locker storage systems.

1.  Smart storage means less weight on your shoulders – literally

Students have many different classes in a day, and as you can imagine, that will mean having to carry around a lot of baggage for different classes including books, materials, and equipment. As digital learning grows, some students may even be required to carry laptops and tablets around with them as well!

According to medical experts, children to teenagers should not be carrying more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. Additionally, according to a study of college students, 85% experienced discomfort and pain due to backpack use.  

To avoid having to manage hundreds of students with sore backs, it is worth considering adding a flexible smart locker system throughout the campus to ensure that a student always can have access to a locker.

Smart locker systems are not just good for students, but for the faculty too! Similar to students, teachers and lecturers will have different books and materials depending on the class they teach, so being able to keep their belongings in one place will allow them to keep their desks free of unnecessary clutter.

2.  Smart lockers are easy to manage

Smart lockers are extremely user-friendly, easy to manage and offer high-tech features that can control individual lockers at various permission levels.  

How often does it happen that students forget their key card or pin code and can no longer access their locker? With Brunel’s self-management system, the administrator can easily provide assistance by remotely opening, blocking, or releasing the locker. It’s also possible to charge a mobile device in the locker via USB, great for solving problems with mobile batteries running low during the long day.

Smart locker systems are also highly flexible so can be easily configured to suit a school’s needs. Our Brunel smart locker system at Haiken benefits from complete locker management for easy assembly, linking, and integration within a school building.

The intuitive and user-friendly Brunel can optimise locker usage with accurate and flexible allocation of lockers through easy locker and user grouping too so that students are easily assigned their own personal locker to use.

The benefits that smart lockers can offer educational facilities are limitless. Does Brunel smart storage sound like something you need? Please contact us today and we will be happy to help!

brunel smart storage
3. Smart lockers and security

If none of the above points are convincing enough, one of the most important things that lockers provide for students and faculty is of course – security!

With increasing numbers of students and staff carrying mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops, smart lockers in schools have become more important than ever before. By having a smart locker system, cases of theft and damage are significantly reduced, and so will also give parents peace of mind knowing that their child’s costly belongings can be kept safe throughout the school day.

There is no longer a need to worry about lost or stolen keys or having to find replacements when smart lockers are implemented. Students will be able to keep their possessions safe without worry of their personal items being stolen due to a key falling into the wrong hands.

4. Smart lockers ensure health and safety is a priority

Whereas in the past, you only had to really worry about the standard health and safety of students, now we also have Covid-19 to deal with and who knows what’s next. It’s been tricky for schools to halt transmission and over-crowding only escalates the problem.

Smart lockers provide a future-proof solution, keeping possessions in a clean personal storage away from contamination and cross-contamination.

brunel smart locker
Smart lockers from Haiken

Considering the key points above, smart lockers are well worth the investment for educational facilities. They ensure that students items remain safe, they are secure, and they are flexible and easy to manage.

To find out more about our smart locker system we provide at Haiken, please contact us today as we are always happy to help!