Noti is a Polish brand which has been on the market for 16 years. The brand stands for responsible design and has a family history. Since 2005, Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, the company founder, has been consistently implementing his principle of “design first” by creating furniture with timeless, simple, and elegant forms. The focus was and has always been on functionality, comfort, and durability, in which Noti achieves with its ergonomic furniture so well. Noti is a brand with history, created by people with passion.

There is no wonder our partnership is such a great fit with the combination of Noti’s timeless furniture and Haiken’s aim of creating inspiring workspaces built for tomorrow.

Clapp Noti

Noti is a brand known for its stylistically diverse original sofas, armchairs, pouffes, chairs and tables made from top quality materials and perfectly designed for a variety of different interiors without breaking the bank. But what sets Noti apart, is their flexibility in offering furniture of various forms and sizes, combined with a focus on modular and systematic designs and a wide range of fabrics.

As with Haiken, Noti are conscious of their environmental impact and undertake eco-friendly initiatives by making sure to use products and services that reduce their environmental impact, bringing down the consumption of energy, raw materials, and other valuable resources.

Rotor stool

It’s undeniable why Noti collections are frequently among the nominated and award-winning products at the most prestigious design contests both in Poland and abroad as they are easily recognised by their style, whilst being highly valued by art critics, architects, and interior stylists. Just take a look at the awards they have already won such as the Top Design Award in 2019 for the Sona collection and the iF Design award in 2020 for the Lopp collection!

Our Sales Manager, Guy, says that his favourite Noti product in particular is the Rotor stool as it is “super cool, very sleek, and the rotating ‘doughnut’ seat gives it a very modern twist on the classic barstool function”. These are just a few of the stunning products of Noti.

At Haiken, we love and really appreciate working with Noti. They have been a trusted partner for us for a few years now and will hopefully continue to be for many more years to come!