By Noti

Rotor is a collection of three-legged bar stools with a broad range of applications, perfect for residential spaces, hotels, restaurants and food venues, and offices.

The most visually distinctive element of the collection is its swivel seat with a central opening for easy grasping and moving the chair. The ergonomic shape with a slightly concave surface and rounded edges creates a uniquely comfortable seating experience.

Delicate steel legs are joined together by support slats at three heights to provide a comfortable foot rest. The designer has successfully combined an extremely stable and sturdy design of the steel base with subtle aesthetics.

The stools are offered in two heights: 65 and 77 cm.

The seat is available in solid oak wooden and soft upholstered versions.

Rotor bar stools are available in a wide array of colours from Noti's chart, making it an excellent choice for a broad variety of residential and commercial interiors.

Designed by Piotr Kuchciński.