Zilenzio are experts in improving sound environments and can be trusted to always deliver high-quality sound absorption using carefully designed acoustic solutions.

The company was first founded by Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad and Jenny Hellden who are winners of the IWEC (International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge) Award, and quickly made waves in the Swedish furniture industry in just six months. Now, over 16 years later, Zilenzio continues to offer unique functionality and strive to achieve professionalism at every level to meet customers’ needs. This is why our partnership with Zilenzio works so well, as offering unique functionality and supplying customers with great quality furniture is really important to us at Haiken. The acclaimed company, Note Design Studio, helps with Zilenzio’s designs and so their business ideas have really stood the test of time.

Zilenzio products

Zilenzio are truly the best of the best with their long experience in sound design, analysis of office spaces, and expertise in carrying out tests following international standards. They have created healthy, acoustic surroundings for many workplaces over the years which is no surprise considering their employees all have high expertise in sound absorption and in the acoustic properties of different materials.

Through their 16 years of expertise in acoustics, Zilenzio has come up with a calculation tool to show how many sound-absorbing products a room needs in order to create an efficient workspace, free of the disturbance of noise. Not only the number of sound-absorbing products is important but also the positioning. For example, mounting wall absorbers on two adjacent walls making sure they are in level with where people sit or stand to work, will achieve the best results. It’s also beneficial to place the absorbers as close to the sound source as possible to ensure optimal accuracy.

Focus Pod

In the words of Maria Lindqvist-Pahlstad, “We sell functionality; we always will. That’s where no-one can beat us. No other approach would be as sustainable, honest, or credible.” This could not be more accurate about our trusted partners, Zilenzio, who allow us to offer high-quality acoustic solutions that not only look great but massively improve a working lifestyle.

Haiken’s Group Marketing Manager, Tanya, says Focus Pod in particular is her favourite Zilenzio product as it is stylish, on trend, and creates a real focus zone for open plan workspaces. Check out the focus pod in our showroom in Clerkenwell!

What do you think of Zilenzio products? If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to help you.