The old office designs where businesses would cram employees into a room without considering their comfort or productivity, are luckily no more. So, we say goodbye to beige walls, plain wooden desks, and basic office chairs, and say hello to ergonomic height-adjustable desks, fully adjustable task seating, and modern offices built for creativity and collaboration.

A modern workspace that is carefully designed will help workers feel more satisfied and productive, whilst also improving their overall health and wellbeing. So how can you modernise your workspace with high-quality office furniture? Read on to find out.

1. Choose ergonomic office desks to modernise the workspace

The modern desks of today include ergonomic features that will help maximise user comfort and productivity levels. It has been said that “sitting is the new smoking”, with research showing sitting for extended periods of time can lead to many common medical conditions. Therefore, modern offices have introduced sit-stand desks to allow workers to have the option to alternate between sitting and standing to encourage more movement whilst working.

At Haiken, we have a wide range of high-quality height-adjustable desks to choose from to modernise a workspace:

Wolfe Smart
  • Wolfe Smart: The newest addition to our Wolfe range, the ergonomic Wolfe Smart focuses on embracing a healthier and more productive working environment. It is compact, height-adjustable, and blends in with a variety of interior designs.
  • Wolfe Meet: Even meeting collaboration tables can be height adjustable! Just take a look at Wolfe Meet with its four powerful motors, and height-adjustable frame. This means Wolfe Meet can be used as a workstation or conference table as it is designed for durability and functionality.
  • Flexure: With a striking circular design and endless options for flexibility, Flexure is the perfect solution for modern offices. The height-adjustable Flexure desk has a telescopic frame and has an almost inaudible motor operation that ensures zero disturbance to surrounding colleagues.

Implement ergonomic task seating to modernise the workspace

In a world that focusses on productivity and efficiency, there is little surprise why ergonomics have an enormous importance within the modern workplace, particularly over the last decade. This is because ergonomic task seating allows workers to remain healthy and perform their tasks to the best of their ability.

It’s no secret that ergonomic chairs can reduce the chances of those who sit for long periods of time developing musculoskeletal symptoms. Ergonomic task seating is designed to ensure that the user’s body is kept in a safe, upright position to reduce stress on the spine, neck, and hips. For example, ergonomic chairs such as our Webb 2.0, are fully adjustable with a seat slide, a 6-position lockable backrest, and 3D armrests. Webb 2.0 also has a special self-synchro mechanism which makes it easier to use as it automatically adjusts to the user’s weight, ensuring that employees feel supported and comfortable throughout the long working day.

Choose sustainable office furniture to modernise the workspace

According to EPA, 8.5 million tons of office furniture manage to infiltrate landfills every year! This is why many brands are focussing on sustainability, and modern offices are no exception. The future of office innovation is focusing on reducing carbon footprint, so there is no better time to start doing so than now.

At Haiken, we are committed to being part of building a better world by having a climate positive workforce. So, we are focussing on increasing our efforts on sustainability every year to protect the planet we love. This year we have already released new high-quality office furniture supporting sustainability such as the Mixology Award nominee, Daaz soft seating that has high durability and strength. The Daaz sofa was made with no use of adhesives that contain solvents or harmful chemicals, making it a much safer and a more environmentally friendly option. It also is designed using only certified fabrics, including recycled materials, from conscious and responsible suppliers.

Additionally, we have introduced the Scott Eco Pod range which comes in the form of a Meeting Pod, a Phone Pod, and a Work pod. All of which boast beautifully ergonomic designs and provide optimum sound absorption, whilst also being energy-efficient, featuring sensor-controlled lighting and full ventilation.

Scott E Pods

If you would like assistance in modernising your workplace keeping sustainability in mind, feel free to contact us today.

Optimise storage solutions within the modern workspace

To keep up with modern day offices, we recommend optimising storage solutions, so they meet the functional requirements of the workplace. This includes smart lockers, shelving units, or cabinets and cupboards, which will all help to ensure the modern workspace is clean and organised.

An organised office means less time is wasted on looking for particular resources, as everything will have its known place. Therefore, more time can be spent focusing on work instead. Storage solutions also help create a modernised workspace that is visually appealing and less cluttered so that productivity and focus can thrive.

At Haiken, we have a range of new storage solutions to optimise a modern workplace from smart lockers like Brunel, to Shelving Systems and Sideboards. We even have the new Olmstead Planter, a cleverly designed storage solution that has a planter on top to add a touch of greenery to the environment. We know all about the benefits biophilia can have on an office space, so implementing storage solutions such as Olmstead Planter, can bring a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. 

Olmstead Planter

Modernising workspaces with Haiken

At Haiken, we are passionate about providing high-quality, design-led office furniture to modernise workplaces built for the future. To find out more information on our office furniture range, contact our friendly consultants today who are always happy to help.