Daaz soft seating has succeeded in being chosen as a finalist at the prestigious Mixology 2023 awards that takes place on Thursday 22nd June 2023.

The Mixology Awards is the commercial interiors award event of the year! It is an exciting event where the very best of commercial interior design from the UK and beyond gets celebrated and where inspiring projects and products receive the recognition they deserve.

Daaz soft seating

What category is the Daaz sofa nominated in?

Daaz soft seating is a finalist in the ‘Product of the Year’ category that recognises innovation, creativity, and quality of design!

In a record year for entries, finalists were chosen from hundreds of submissions by the Mix Interiors judging panel, comprising of outstanding players in the commercial interiors and property communities.

Due to the sheer volume of entries, Haiken are thrilled that the new Daaz sofa was chosen as a finalist for such a fantastic category full of inspiring, thoughtfully engineered, furniture products.

What makes the Daaz sofa special?

Daaz is a distinct and unique collection by Noti, designed keeping freedom and grandeur in mind, with a great variety of modules that influence a set that can be freely configured! Whether it be something small and simple, or sweeping open bays that encourage everyone to sit and make themselves feel at ease, sitting within the Daaz feels like a comforting hug.

Daaz’s beautifully sculpted shapes and geometry featuring smooth bends that fill the space, is what really makes the Daaz sofa truly special in appearance.

Daaz finalist

Daaz supports sustainability

Perhaps one of the most special aspects about Daaz though, is that it is a high-quality piece of furniture that supports sustainability. Daaz has high durability and strength, whilst also having a warranty of 8 years. On top of this, in the making of the sofa, there was no use of adhesives that contain solvents or harmful chemicals, making Daaz a safer and more environmentally friendly option.

In terms of fabrics used, the Daaz soft seating only uses certified fabrics from conscious and responsible suppliers. These include ecologically recycled materials. This means Daaz is designed taking into account the possibility of recycling component materials or disposing them at the end of their life cycle.

The cuttings of the fabrics and leathers used are also optimised, which means efficiency is improved resulting in minimal wastage.

Haiken takes its commitment to sustainability seriously, striving to manufacture office furniture solutions with responsibly sourced materials that keep the planet, health, and future in mind. To find out more about Haiken’s sustainability efforts, take a look at the Corporate Social Responsibility page: https://www.haiken.com/csr

What’s to come for Haiken?

Clerkenwell Design Week is fast approaching and Haiken are preparing to make it even bigger and better than last year within the Haiken showroom! This year, Haiken will launch several new products within the showroom, including the Daaz sofa, the stunning Tear Meeting Table and a variety of shelving options. To book an appointment and secure your place, visit: https://www.clerkenwelldesignweek.com/exhibitors/haiken

Alternatively, contact Haiken today to find out how your workspace can be brought to life using innovative office furniture.