Did you know that the workplace office furniture chosen can affect productivity? It’s true. Having a comfortable and ergonomic working environment can do wonders when trying to engage productivity and boost morale.

For example, it has been found that office furniture that inspires employees can increase productivity by 32%! The comfort and design of office furniture can support the increase of employee morale and helps to enhance the company’s culture.

This is especially the same when it comes to meeting rooms. In order to have a successful and productive meeting where all employees are motivated and involved in conversation, the office furniture used within the room needs to support staff requirements. After all, it would be hard to concentrate anywhere if you are sat in an uncomfortable seat that is causing back pain and other muscular issues, never mind in a board room meeting!

So how can productivity be increased in meeting rooms with office furniture? Find out below.

Aalto meeting table

1. Ergonomic Chairs are a must to increase productivity in meeting rooms

The comfort of the attendees plays an important role in the productivity of the meeting. Ergonomic chairs will provide support to the body and prevent discomfort that can lead to distractions and hinders focus. After all, research has shown that employees are at least 17.7% more productive when sat in an adjustable ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic chairs are ideally fully adjustable, provide lumbar support, and are comfortable for long periods of time involving sitting down. At Haiken, we have a wide range of ergonomic office chairs to choose from with all of these features, perfect for a meeting room. Some examples include:

  • Webb: Say goodbye to uncomfortable sitting in meetings with an all-time favourite. Webb features an excellent ergonomic design that is both supportive and comfortable with a breathable mesh backrest and 3D armrests.
  • Stirling: Blends style with comfort, Stirling is made from a sensitive foam that moulds to every individual. This means that the chair provides incomparable user comfort.
  • Paxton: Provides optimum lumber support so that employees can sit comfortably throughout a long working day. The backrest is even designed to maintain the natural curvature of the spine so the user can feel assured that they’ll sit comfortably!
Paxt soft seating

Alternatively, we have a variety of soft seating that is made specifically for meeting rooms that are exceptionally comfy. For example, our new ‘Paxt’ bucket chair encompasses the user with superior comfort and has a variety of bases to choose from so it can blend in with any meeting room interior.

We also recommend the Mishell Soft that is designed to provide even more user comfort thanks to the extremely soft quilted layer on the seats that gives the chair a more cosy character. There’s much more where that came from too! Feel free to take a browse on our website to see more of our meeting chairs: https://www.haiken.com/products/soft-task-seating/meeting-chairs

2. Choose an appropriately sized table to increase productivity in meeting rooms

It’s important to make sure that when choosing a table for a meeting room that it’s of an appropriate size to accommodate all employees that will be attending a meeting.

An aspect to think about is the shape of the table. Round tables are known to be the best option for small spaces and smaller gatherings as they can fit more people into a space compared to rectangular tables.  This is because they don’t have any corners, so more employees will be able to fit around the table. Rectangular tables on the other hand, are the better choice for spaces that are larger, and to accommodate meetings or activities that need more surface area to use. A table that is too large or too small can cause discomfort, so it’s important to consider the shape of the table and which best suits the needs of the business.

Similarly, round corners for a meeting table is also best practice in terms of Feng Shui. This is because according to Feng Shui, sharp or pointed objects cut off the flow of energy in a room.

Most importantly, the office meeting table should be functional and preferably flexible depending on the requirements of the meeting or activity taking place. At Haiken, we have a variety of meeting tables that are flexible, functional, and adjustable:

Wright Cowork Desk
  • Wright Cowork Desk: An excellent option for agile workspaces, Wright Cowork Desk is flexible, height and side adjustable, and even has the option to place a screen to easily share visuals. This desk also features lights and charging points. It has so much to offer!
  • Aalto Meeting Table: An innovative meeting table with a circular design, a unique tabletop form, and distinctive design that covers cables in the middle of the table. Perfect for larger meetings to accommodate higher numbers.
  • Gavina Meeting Table: A meeting table in a more rectangular shape where corner modules can be added to create U-shape set ups. Gavina’s folding structure makes the table easy to store away when it is not needed. The flexibility that comes with Gavina Meeting Table makes it an ideal choice for meeting rooms, training seminars, and board rooms.

To find out more about our meeting table variety, visit our website today: https://www.haiken.com/products/workstations-tables/meeting-tables

3. Invest in storage space to avoid clutter and increase productivity

Storage space for documents, files, and other materials are necessary to ensure the meeting room is organised and free of any distracting clutter.

Whether it be smart lockers to lock away personal items, or cabinets and bookcases that can store documents and materials, at Haiken we have a range of products to choose from to ensure that meetings remain clutter-free with no distractions. For example, for smart storage we recommend our Brunel smart locker storage system as it is user-friendly and easy-to-manage whilst showcasing high-tech features. By implementing a smart locker into the meeting room, employees will have a place to stow away any personal items that could cause a distraction, such as mobile phones.

smart locker

We also recommend our new Compli storage furniture collection which is distinguished by its functionality and timeless character. It consists of a chest of drawers available with doors, wardrobes, and shelving units.

Compli Scene

4. Implement acoustic furniture to increase productivity

To create a comfortable sound environment within a meeting room so everyone taking part can be heard, it’s a good idea to invest in acoustic, sound absorbing furniture.

For example, to prevent sound waves from jumping backwards and forwards against walls, wall-mounted panels such as the Renwick can be placed to reduce and control any reverberated echo noises. Thanks to its 50mm thickness, the Renwick panel will absorb any noise disturbance, increasing employee focus and efficiency.

Alternatively, ceiling panels like our Dezibel Ceiling can be used to create a visual and acoustic effect and are an efficient way to reduce echoes and reverberation in meeting rooms. To see our full range of sound absorbing options, visit: https://www.haiken.com/products/all?function_8=Sound%20Absorbing

Renwick close up

Increase productivity in meeting rooms with Haiken’s office furniture

By incorporating these office furniture elements, a comfortable and productive meeting room environment can be created that helps to increase employee productivity so they can maintain focus on the meeting being conducted.

At Haiken, we have the office furniture solutions that will ensure a comfortable and productive meeting room experience. To find out more, feel free to contact our friendly office furniture team today.