Wright Cowork Desk

By Haiken

Introducing our new solution to an agile workspace: the Wright Co-work Desk! A flexible workspace requires a diverse range of options including different heights to fit in any hybrid working space.

The sides can be adjusted to accommodate biophilia or simple storage space for stationary. The side of the higher desks also have the option for a screen to easily share visuals. The desk has built in lights and charging points. 

The Wright Cowork desk's flexibility makes it the perfect solution to tie into the new agile working environment, where colleagues can sit alongside each other and collaborate with ease. 

Wright Cowork Desk is named after Frank Lloyd Wright, an early inventor of the open space office. His designs destroyed once and for all the age-old idea of interior space - that the room was enclosed by four walls. He achieved this by creating interiors that were defined rather than strictly enclosed.

With our Wright Cowork Desk being the perfect solution for the new agile working environment, we thought who better than to name the desk after Frank Lloyd Wright.