In the world of design, every space tells a story. Behind the sleek lines and elegant finishes lie tales of transformation and innovation. At Haiken, these stories are not just narratives of style, but journeys of collaboration and creativity. Let's pull back the curtain and delve into the behind-the-scenes narratives of some of our most inspiring projects.

NFU Mutual: Elevating Workspace Sophistication

Check out NFU Mutual’s office: An uninspiring space in London Bridge that’s found new life as a 6,500 sq ft workspace, thanks to the vision of West + Vittori. The result? A workspace that not only meets modern functional requirements but also inspires creativity and productivity. From the cosy Lua sofa to the versatile Mishell chair and inviting Rosco sofa, our pieces played a pivotal role in shaping this remarkable transformation. The boardroom also has the perfect ambience for productive meetings, courtesy of the Tulli Light.

Akoya: Redefining London’s Neighborhoods with Haiken

We teamed up with Akoya to embark on a journey of innovation. Our goal? To reinvent London neighbourhoods and create vibrant, premium office spaces that attract modern tenants. This collaboration focused on creating an open-plan workspace that prioritises comfort, function, and employee wellbeing. This collaboration introduced a blend of work and social areas, featuring informal seating zones, touchdown workstations, and individual work booths like 'The Garden Room.' Our Webb 2.0 chair added the perfect touch, seamlessly blending style and support.

Hilti Office, Warsaw: Vibrant Spaces with Noti’s Touch

The Hilti Office in Warsaw stands as a source of pride for us. Together with Studio A-KA, we set out to create a contemporary, practical office environment characterised by daring solutions and vibrant colours. Noti's furniture pieces played a crucial role in elevating the interiors of the Hilti office, with standout contributions from the Lua, Mishell Soft, and Gap chairs. These pieces injected vitality into the space, enhancing its overall ambience and functionality.

Work.Life, Rivington House: Crafting Contemporary Co-Working Spaces

We Are Two Designer’s goal for the Work.Life Rivington House was to create a bold yet contemporary co-working space that reflected the local artistic heritage. They wanted private offices and hot desking solutions tailored to a post-pandemic world. In pursuit of this goal, we selected our Lasdun chair, knowing it would seamlessly blend elegance and comfort within the co-working environment. Its sleek design and ergonomic features made it the ideal choice for enhancing both style and functionality in the space.

In Conclusion

Behind every successful project lies a story of collaboration, innovation, and meticulous craftsmanship. Our journey is marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating spaces that inspire and elevate. From revitalising office environments to shaping contemporary co-working hubs, our success stories are a testament to the transformative power of design. Interested in creating your success story? Contact our expert team and let us take your workspace to greater heights.