Office overview

Reinventing London neighbourhoods for the modern tenant

Akoya’s vision is to rejuvenate buildings in emerging London neighborhoods with vibrant, premium office spaces that attract creative tenants. A new scheme was created by Oktra to meet modern demands and deliver a sustainable workspace while prioritizing employee wellbeing.

The open plan workspace offers both work and social areas such an informal seating area, touchdown workstations and individual work booths including ‘The Garden Room’. This glass-walled phone booth is decorated with hanging plants, making it a central feature of the space that utilizes biophilia to boost productivity. The various desk stations created featured our Webb 2.0 chair as a functional yet aesthetic addition.

main hallway

A welcoming, people-centric workplace

The layout compromises on desk stations in order to accommodate a larger breakout area, which is equipped with bespoke-built bleacher seating. This agile furniture solution enabled a multi-functional social space that acts as a townhall meeting area and eating environment to be created.

The result is a workspace that has breathed new life into the building and will be a hub for tenants looking for stylish, flexible office space in an up-and-coming area of London. This workplace asset embodies Akoya’s values of making a positive impact on people and place, while supporting their commercial objectives by maximizing the rentability of the building.

Breakout area

Featured Product

Webb 2.0
By Haiken
By Noti