We all know hybrid working is becoming a real trend, especially since lockdown came to an end this year. 85% of UK working people now favour a hybrid approach of both home and office working according to a recent ONS survey.

But how can companies ensure the office environment supports this new style of working? Well, flexible furniture is a simple solution that will make the hybrid workplace relaxed and comfortable for employees.

What is a hybrid workplace?

Firstly, what is the hybrid workplace all about? A hybrid office is a flexible workplace model that is designed to support a distributed workforce both in office and remote. It provides employees with the flexibility to work wherever they are most productive whether that be in the office, working from home, or a combination of the two.

The three facets of Hybrid working are said to be:

  • The office is used as a place for meetings and employee interaction
  • Work from home, as standard expectation and not as a benefit.
  • A place of work determined by the type of activity.

Much like a campfire where people gather to share stories, eat, and socialise, the new hybrid model turns the office into a place for sharing ideas, meeting and interacting with people and keeps home working for more focussed individual tasks.

Many businesses have already reported remote working success. For example, PwC produced data where 83% of firms noted that remote working had actually been a success in terms of productivity gains. Staff had reported significant cost savings too as they did not have to pay train journeys, buses or for petrol.

This shows that an office that enables flexible coming and going, with the office base being more for collaboration purposes, will ensure successes for companies post covid-19.

Bouli soft seating
Hybrid workplaces and flexible furniture

Flexible furniture solutions are the perfect addition to a hybrid workplace as they provide some much-needed solitude for those who want to come into the office to do focused work. Acoustic furniture can also be used for group meetings to allow a semi-private or private space for employees to discuss and share ideas without the worry of being interrupted.

With flexible office furniture, you can create dedicated spaces like a campfire for socialising and sharing, or a separate space to focus and get things done.

Some examples of flexible furniture from Haiken to support the perfect hybrid working environment are:

  • Tritos: this curved sofa is great for collaboration and socialisation; it can be added to the office to help employees discuss ideas whilst experiencing high levels of user comfort.
  • Algo: A small armchair that occupies little space and is both stable and comfortable to sit on. Perfect for public spaces such as office environments for employees to socialise in.
  • Bouli: A uniquely designed and exceptionally comfortable sofa that comes in irregular, oval shapes. A great choice for employees who wish to unwind and discuss ideas with colleagues.
  • Zorla: Sound absorbing mobile floor screen that reduces noise in open room constellations. The top of the wooden box can be filled with natural or fake plants to create a decorative piece of furniture.
  • Scott Meeting Pod: our Scott meeting pods provide an equally practical solution to create a private space for collaboration in open plan offices. They can house 2-4 people and are made from carefully selected materials that offer optimum sound absorption.
  • SoundRoom: an innovative system of office furniture that provides a space for both individual and teamwork, comfortable meetings, and concentration zones. The curved panel around the seating provides some much-needed privacy to make users feel they have their own quiet and secluded space, just like in a campsite.
  • Wolfe desk: A clever four-height desk that is robust and offers maximum strength for a minimum weight. The telescopic frame allows for a flexible workspace as it is future proof to adjust to any changes.
Hybrid working and flexible furniture from Haiken

There is no denying that furniture really sets the tone in the office, particularly when trying to attract and maintain a hybrid workforce. It’s important to have office furniture that supports team members in collaborating and socializing in the workspace.

Are you ready to upgrade your office to support hybrid working? Contact us today and we will be happy to help!