Office furniture doesn’t go bad like the milk in your fridge does. There are however a number of indications that may warrant an upgrade.

Modern office furniture is hugely important in the workplace. Not only does it provide your team with support and comfort, but helps to increase productivity during long working hours.

With that said, is it time to replace the furniture in your office? Read on as we explore the top signs your business is due a furniture improvement.

Your furniture is damaged

Although we’d very much like it to, furniture doesn’t last forever. Repeated use can sometimes wear away at a chair, desk, or table, causing it some issues - perhaps the controls for adjusting your swivel chair have decided to give up on you? Or maybe the sofa in your reception area has seen better days? If you’ve noticed some items are suffering after years of use, don’t despair, now is the perfect time to choose your office furniture replacements.

At Haiken, we provide a range of flexible and ergonomic office furniture to help inspire workspaces. Our product range features everything from office chairs, through to height-adjustable desks, acoustic solutions, and everything in between. With a mission to provide design-led furniture at a fair price, we may be the right partners for you. If you’re looking to upgrade the furniture in your office, take a look at our product range, or contact us today to speak with a member of our team– we’re always happy to help.

Office furniture

Employees seem unmotivated

For some, being in the same environment without any change for years can be quite demoralising, especially if sat on budget furniture with poor ergonomics.

Think about it, sitting on the same old chairs for five days a week, surrounded by the same decor just becomes a bit repetitive, doesn’t it?

One way to reignite employee morale in the workplace is to upgrade your furniture and give employees the choice between seating and standing desks. While this won’t turn your workplace into a 5-star resort, it’ll certainly help boost productivity across all departments.

Fashions are shifting

You may not realise, but office furniture is a very important tool when it comes to impressing new clients. Your choice of furniture says a lot about your business.

If you want to come across as a modern, forward-thinking business, your office furniture should represent this. Similarly, if you want to be seen as a traditional, family-run business, you’ll want to find furniture that’s more appropriate for a homely feel.

In short, it’s important to keep in mind the shifts in fashion for office furniture, and how your office’s image reflects onto potential clients.

Haiken office furniture

Is it time for your office furniture replacements?

If any of the above points have got you questioning your office furniture, it’s probably time you think about replacements.

At Haiken, we’re changing the way people think about office furniture. Supplying a range of products across the whole of Europe and US, we’re all about providing furniture that not only looks great, but helps your workplace become truly flexible and productive.

Make a start with your office transformation by contacting our expert team today. We’re always happy to help and love to talk all things office furniture.