Over the past decade, the modern workplace has seen major changes. Employees are no longer tied to their desks by landline phones and desktop computers. Instead, the workplace has grown to become more flexible, with laptops and mobile phones making it a whole lot easier to work outside of the office – even more so with Covid-19.

As a result of this office space revolution, there have been many more changes following the decline of Monday to Friday desk usage. One of these being a shift in workplace storage.

Here, we take a look at smart locker storage solutions for the workplace and why your business needs it.

What is smart locker storage?

Smart locker storage refers to secure, computer driven storage solutions that go far beyond traditional ‘key-entry’ lockers. With built-in sensors, alert systems, and enhanced security, many smart locker storage solutions are engineered with the future in mind.

Smart lockers are typically used in businesses to allow team members as well as visitors to safely store their valuable belongings. Users access their delegated locker through a unique form of identification, whether that be through PIN code, swipe cards, smartphone apps, or biometric scans such as fingerprints, facial, or eye recognition.

Now that we’ve covered what smart locker storage is, let’s take a look at the benefits that suggest your business may want to invest.

Smart locker storage benefits

1. Maintain a clean and covid-free workspace

With the power of technology today, smart locker systems can work fully contactless, helping to reduce the risk of surface contamination. As well as this, locker software platforms allow facility managers to easily keep tack of which lockers are in use and which are available for cleaning.

Smart locker systems can also be spread across several areas/floors within a workspace to prevent large volumes of people collecting their belongings at once – a great way to encourage social distancing.

2. Provide security in an efficient way

Not only do smart lockers provide a safe and secure location to store items, but often benefit from advanced security features that prevent and deter any unauthorised access. From anti-theft technology, through to cloud-hosted software, as well as self-centring software for a sealed closure each time, your property is in safe hands (or should we say lockers).

3. Easy to use and flexible

Smart locker systems provide a flexible platform that can be configured to suit your business’ needs. They are extremely user friendly, easy to manage, and offer high-tech features that can control individual lockers at various permission levels.

Smart locker storage from Haiken

At Haiken, we know that smart offices call for smart storage solutions. That’s why we’ve worked alongside LoQit to offer our clients a state-of-the-art locker system we call Brunel.

Named after an inventor, engineer, and architect extraordinaire, Brunel is amongst the smartest of storage solutions for offices, public changing rooms, shopping malls, educational facilities and more. Featuring a contemporary design, advanced anti-theft security features, and future-proof technology, Brunel helps to transform your office into a flexible workspace.

Visit our smart locker storage page for more information on Brunel, or contact our expert team at Haiken today. We’d love to help your business become even more flexible.