It has been said that one of the most intrusive form of sound is speech as it is the most difficult to ignore and filter out. This means it is more likely to distract you from your work and interrupt your train of thought.

Scientists agree that open plan spaces especially bring the biggest disturbances and affect work efficiency.In 2019, Dr. Jamrozik said, “what many people don’t understand is that any intelligible conversation – whether a shout or a whisper – is equally disruptive to cognitive performance.” Therefore, it is recommended to have environments in a workplace where team members can focus or have private meetings and zoom calls. But what can you do if the office is completely open plan? Acoustic pods may be the answer to all your noise problems.

In this article, we will be discovering 5 reasons you should be considering these acoustic booths in your workplace.

Meeting Pod
1. Acoustic pods are a great solution for open plan offices

Although open plan offices look good, there is hardly any privacy which can affect  productivity and overall performance of team members. A study by the University of California revealed it can take up to 23 minutes to fully restore focus after an interruption. So, experiencing multiple interruptions during each working day means a lot of valuable work time is sacrificed.

Open plan offices environments are also known to cause anxiety because of the noise, lack of environmental control and lack of privacy. For some, being visible from every angle can also cause frustration.

Having acoustic pods in an office helps to prevent distractions from sound taking place resulting in work performance improvement, it will also create a positive impact on the health and well-being of colleagues.


2.  Acoustic pods equal more quiet and less stress!

Another benefit of an acoustic office pod is that they allow for peace and quiet which is a stress reduction. Many workers can find the open office environment frustrating due to the constant interruptions and noise and this can lead to a stressful working environment.

Stress can also make it harder to be creative and can contribute to health issues such as higher blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue. The more stressful an environment is the harder it will be for people to keep up the morale and stay motivated about their job. By adding quiet pods into the office, a private space will be accessible for workers to go and get away from the stressors. Acoustic pods will help to create a much more comfortable and inviting office space.

3.  Collaboration is much easier inside acoustic pods

One of the best things about acoustic pods is that they also make it easier for workers to collaborate together without disturbance. It allows workers inside to feel more comfortable sharing ideas and having discussions, without the worry that other people are listening in.  

This means that meetings will be more efficient and could result in a better outcome due to more ideas flowing and less distractions.

Scott meeting pod
4.   Acoustic pods can make your office stand out

From a design point of view, acoustic pods can also make improvements to the overall interior design. They can be tailored to ensure they match the surroundings, whether it be modern and bright or professional and sophisticated. A workplace with an exceptional design would feature quiet spaces for focussed working, collaboration areas, areas for creativity and more. Installing acoustic pods in the workplace can help to break up the large surrounding space and allow for a much easier working environment.

Part of the attraction of acoustic pods is their simplicity. Companies can order a ready-made structure that can be fitted anywhere in the office. Similar to other office furniture, pods are also easy to move around if a redesign were to take place, or can be taken along if a company were to move buildings.

5.   Acoustic pods are perfect for low budget projects

One of the biggest advantages of acoustic pods is that they are an affordable and attractive solution to any office. Not only are they flexible, meaning they be moved around the office, but they are also much cheaper and easier to install than calling in builders to construct new walls. So, instead of going through the hassle of construction, why not consider one of our acoustic office pods today?

Haiken's Acoustic Pods

At Haiken, we recommend Scott Acoustic Pods as they are excellent for open plan offices, collaborations, and meetings, providing team members with a quiet space away from excessive noise levels and lack of privacy. We offer two types of pods:

  • Scott Single: this single-person acoustic focus pod is ideal for focused work and private calls, being made from carefully selected materials that offer optimum sound absorption. They include full ventilation, lighting and are power integrated. Sett Single is also demountable and transportable to allow for ultimate flexibility.
  • Scott Double: this double pod can house 2-4 people and is perfect for meetings with its full ventilation, lighting, and power integration. Similar to Sett Single, it is made from carefully selected materials to offer optimum sound absorption. It is transportable and flexible to meet any changing workplace needs.

Our pods have a 32db acoustic rating, and are certified by TUV, meaning they are guaranteed to be exceptional acoustically and create a perfect focus area.  We will provide a fast delivery, a quick and easy install with a class leading 8-year warranty. As an added bonus, these acoustic office pods have power and USB charge included.


Scott Phone Booth
Acoustic solutions from Haiken

At Haiken, we have a comprehensive range of office furniture that will change your work dynamic for the better. If you are interested in our acoustic office pods or would like to know more about the other acoustic solutions we provide, please contact us today and we will be happy to provide some silence!