It’s certainly no secret that the modern office as we know it has changed. To keep up with the times, businesses are now re-designing their workspace to promote creativity and collaboration.

An office space should serve as a place for the brand to come to life and bring the team together. Within this article, we will explore the Top 5 secrets to an outstanding office design.

manta office design

1.  An outstanding office design makes ample use of space

Nobody wants to spend their days in a space that looks cluttered and feels uninspired. No matter what size the space is, you can always make the most of it by introducing a more flexible layout. Hybrid offices have soared in popularity following the pandemic. Employees are craving more flexibility in the places they work, so employers need to ensure they make ample use of the space they have where they can. This can be easily done by using flexible office furniture that suits employees needs for a flexible workstyle.

For example, our Wright Cowork Desk can be used for both individual working spaces and as a collaboration table, making it a perfect fit for flexible, agile working spaces. Another recommended option to make ample use of the office space is our Gavina Meeting Table that is on casters that can be put into different shapes and so can be stored easily to fit in with different activities – you can’t get more flexible than that!

Gavina Meeting Table

2. An outstanding office design supports collaboration

That brings us to our next point. A extraordinary office design should be built to support employee collaboration.

Shared tables are appearing not only in more restaurants and hotels but workspaces too. There’s little surprise as to why as they allow groups of people to come together and collaborate with ease. Take our Wright Cowork Desk as an example, where the height and sides of the desk can be adjusted to suit the needs of the users. The side of the higher desks have the option for a screen to be placed to easily share visuals with colleagues. Pedestals with seat options can also be added so that someone can quickly join a colleague to discuss a matter while still having a place to sit.

Alternatively, we recommend providing break-out areas with flexible seating, huddle spaces, or acoustically designed seating areas so that colleagues have a comfortable space to meet or exchange ideas without having to worry about pre-booking a specific meeting space.

Wright Cowork Desk

3. An outstanding office design uses comfortable, ergonomic office furniture

When designing a superb office space, it’s important to choose high quality furnishing items that keep comfort as a priority. Ergonomic office chairs will not only ensure employees remain focused and productive, but also they can prevent back pain, fatigue, and discomfort. In fact, several studies have shown that choosing office furniture that is both ergonomically designed and comfortable can have a major impact on employee’s happiness as well as their productivity.

The key to achieving this is having office chairs that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual user. Offering lumbar support, seat adjustments, arm adjustments, and tension control.

Our Webb 2.0 task chairs are an all-time favourite thanks to their excellent ergonomic design that is both supportive and comfortable with a seat slide, a 6-position lockable backrest, and 3D armrests. We also recommend the Stirling chair as it is specially created from sensitive foam, so the seat moulds to every individual, providing incomparable user comfort.

Stirling example

4. Natural Light is crucial for an outstanding office design

Light exposure in the workplace has previously been linked to better sleep and vitality, but also the lack of it can cause depression. After a week of working without any natural light can cause the mind to begin to short circuit and not have the ability to function as it should.

A research poll by Future Workspace found that access to natural light and views of the outdoors is the number one attribute of the workplace environment. Over a third of employees said they felt they didn’t get enough natural light in their workspace, with 47% of employees admitting to feeling very tired from the absence of natural light and 43% reporting they felt gloomy due to the lack of light in their workspace.

Not only that, but the study also found that 78% of employees who had access to natural light and views saw improvement in their wellbeing and 70% reported improved work performance!

Reducing the need for artificial lighting can also help to lower energy costs in the long run, allowing for more cash available to spend on other elements for the office.

This emphasises why natural light should never be overlooked when creating a great office design. However, if no more natural light can be added to the office space, consider working together with a lighting specialist such as Synergy to ensure there are sufficient and appropriate light sources in the workspace.

5. Outstanding office design includes biophilic elements

When people are stressed or need a break, what do they generally do? – They go outside and get some fresh air. This is because nature provides a calming sensation that can stimulate us and help to recharge our batteries. That’s why an outstanding office design needs to include biophilic elements, as biophilia influences better moods and provides cleaner air quality, providing an aesthetic sense of calm.

Some research suggests that 40% of all sickness absence can be traced back to indoor air pollution or poor air quality. Office plants can improve air quality, especially those that absorb pollutants and weed out toxins such as Aloe Vera, Snake Plants and Money Plants.

At Haiken, we recommend our Zorla mobile floor screen as not only does it have sound absorbing effects that are perfect for reducing noise in open spaces, but  the top wooden box can be filled with natural plants to add that much needed element of nature back into the workspace.

To find out more about biophilia in the workspace, visit our article “4 benefits of biophilic design in the office”.

zorla planter

If you can’t bring more plants in, then consider creating welcoming outdoor areas.

Secrets to an outstanding office design with Haiken

Whether planning to have an entire office refurbishment, or simply just need to make some minor improvements, it’s important to remember that the office reflects the company’s image, as well as having a big influence on employee productivity.

At Haiken, we have the expertise to ensure that you can create an outstanding office design built to last. Contact our friendly furniture team today to find out more.