Imagine a workplace you don’t need a keypad to enter.  Where there’s no fixed desks, it’s socially acceptable to work remote, and Skype is used as naturally as a phone… Hang on – we’re already there!

Flashback 5 years to when these aspects were still fictional wonderments, and you’ll realise just how fast the workplace is changing.

Preparing for the workplace of the future is all at once daunting and exciting.  This blog post rounds up some of the best advancements for you to take advantage of.

Agile & ergonomic workstations

Many companies allow the team remote and flexible working, and the resulting workplaces are often more compact and efficient.  Replacing the set desk with its designated phone and PC, we’re seeing a completely new mindset.

A focus on staff wellbeing, and loyalty means aspects such as ergonomics, and the health benefits of height-adjustable desks are being incorporated.

Wolfe sit-stand desk (pictured below) promotes staff-wellbeing, as does Haiken’s range of ergonomic seating.

Wolfe workstation

Unassigned, agile desks – integrated with power, but no desktop phones or PCs, shape the future workplace. Source

Agile desks

Tech, AI, and Innovation

There’s a huge increase in AI and technology to further efficiencies and intelligence.  Whether it be an in-house app for organising meetings, advanced technology to simplify the workflow, or using robots and automation on the production line.  3D printing, virtual reality and the creation of personalised lighting and work environments – who know what the future will hold next?

Innovation is also being highlighted like never before.  The workplace of the future promotes collaboration, with spaces for impromptu as well as arranged meetings.


Microsoft envisioning center

Work-life balance

As an age of millennials and Gen Z (the neo-digital natives) settle into the workplace, we see a response to their mindset from receptive brands.  Steering strategies for years to come, these are the people we should be listening to…

Tech becomes commonplace, and job roles become varied, flexible and results-driven.  Due to the screen-bound nature of millenials, it’s also highlights an increasing need for downtime and breakout spaces.

The above gaming space is from our recent Aldgate Tower project, featuring Mishell chairs.  However, if health is at the forefront of your experience, consider offering yoga or craft classes, screen-down zones, or sports facilities on site for downtime.

Work life balance

Integrated power and multi-tasking furniture pieces

Making things easier, more efficient and streamlined, we’re seeing integrated power springing up everywhere in the workplace.  It’s pretty much the ability to turn any furniture piece into a workstation.

Take for example the Sona, shown above.  With a multitude of configurations, it can be fitted with lighting, USB charging point and screens in the huddle version.

Likewise, the portable Scott Phone Booth below, full incorporates power, and air-conditioning to make it one of the most flexible focus stations of the day.

Gone are the days of ugly sockets, hidden in the most awkward of places… the future holds something much sleeker and more efficient!

Scott phone booth

Deeper thinking

Our awareness of the world has been piqued by multiple media access, and suddenly we care.  It’s the time for eco-friendly choices, buying local, supporting artisans, eating vegan, and conservationists.  We see this movement as almost a rebellion in the face of advancing tech – taking time out to be human, and supporting various causes is particularly seen in Gen Z, but spreads most sectors.

So, what does this mean for the workplace?

Simply deeper thinking when it comes to furnishings and interior choices.

Support local artists, read into the eco-credentials of every furniture piece, and do your bit to prove the company cares for the community and wider environment…  The resulting workplace will become layered and meaningful, as well as reflective of staff attitudes and cares.

Recent studies also site that companies actively showing dedication to causes, wellbeing and local buying hold a higher attraction for new employees than those not actively giving.  This is your chance to make a difference, and become an attractive prospect for new talent!

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