Scott Phone Booth

By Haiken

Our acoustic phone booths provide the perfect space for Zoom sales pitches, private calls or just a space to focus. Our Scott Phone Booths provide full ventilation and sensor-controlled lighting. With the future of the workspace rapidly changing, the Scott Phone Booths can change with it as they are easily demountable and transportable.

Named after the man who designed one of the most well-known small spaces in the UK: the telephone box! Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was an architect of the highest calibre with constructions such as Battersea PowerStation sitting in his resume. However, it was his small design for the telephone box that became the most iconic. Thankfully, our Scott Phone Booths provide an equally practical solution to create a quiet working environment in open plan offices, whilst also adding a beautiful and highly ergonomic pod design. and are easily demountable and transportable!