For any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition, increasing productivity and driving growth should be towards the top of your priority list. But in order to genuinely succeed in this area, your working environment must appeal to all of the workforce and provide comfort across a great range of individuals. After all, these are the people responsible for the crucial day-to-day tasks that keep everything business related running smoothly.

In short, you must consider the office as a valuable point of engagement – and furniture plays a big part in this.

So, with the importance of furniture in the workplace explained, let’s move on to how your business can ensure a return on investment (ROI) when purchasing new office furniture.

Choose ergonomic office furniture

For any office environment, productivity is the key to success. A lack of it will increase costs, reduce profit margins, and ultimately waste time. No business wants that.

Fortunately, though, a simple and effective way to increase productivity is through ergonomic office furniture.

When seated correctly and comfortably, it prevents people from becoming distracted. Meaning an employee that is frequently uncomfortable, or worse, experiencing back/neck pains, will regularly stop what they are doing to re-adjust their position which may interrupt and delay their working or train of thought.

So, what exactly is an ergonomic chair? An ergonomic chair is designed with ultimate comfort and productivity in mind – to best support the human body. With adjustable options and flexible body support, ergonomic chairs also consider posture to assist with long-term health benefits.

But how does this help provide a return on investment? Well, as mentioned, the more comfortable your team are, the more likely they are to concentrate throughout an entire working day. It also means less injuries, which directly improves work rate and attendance.

At Haiken, we recommend our Webb office chair for ultimate comfort without breaking the bank. It features an excellent ergonomic design that is equally supportive and comfortable with a breathable mesh backrest and 3D armrests.

Webb ergonomic chair

Explore height adjustable desks

For the same reasons as ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks can offer exceptional value for money in office environments. They can be moved to the users’ preference for the ultimate comfort during work, while some can even be used as standing desks for a wide range of health advantages, such as:

  • Reduced risk of obesity
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Improved energy levels and mood

All in all, with less back complaints, reduced downtime, and greater motivation for employees, the investment in height-adjustable desks really pays for itself.

Wolfe height adjustable desk

Implement acoustic office solutions

You may be aware that sound is a huge contributor to distractions within the workplace. Too much noise from nearby phone calls, meetings, and general discussions can cause a loss of concentration and make remaining focused a challenge.

In fact, noise has been shown to negatively impact 69% of global employees’ concentration levels, productivity, and creativity. This is why acoustic office solutions are so beneficial when it comes to making a return on investment with furniture.

Not just any old 'acoustic' solutions, though. One thing to bear in mind when exploring your acoustic options is that not all acoustic products are made with the same material, and at the same quality. There are many acoustic solutions on the market, but unfortunately not all of them provide great levels of sound reduction. To ensure an acoustic product offers what you'd expect, you should look at what it's made from.

For example, each of our acoustic solutions at Haiken are manufactured from stone wool, an extremely effective sound absorbing material. While other 'acoustic' solutions on the market may be put together with simple felt - this won't do much at all for your sound reduction needs.

Acoustic office furniture

Make a return on investment with office furniture from Haiken

At Haiken, we supply a range of stylish and ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, as well as acoustic solutions for all your office needs. Focusing on more than just looks, our office furniture range is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and uses quality where it matters to provide cost-effective solutions for all.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Haiken furniture range and want to make a return on investment for your business, contact our expert team today – we’re always happy to help.