Gone are the days of uninspiring office spaces, furnished with mundane rows of desks and chairs that radiate blandness. Today, the modern office does more to stimulate employee motivation and creativity. They should be flexible and adaptable, allowing everyone to work to the best of their ability based on the task at hand.

Because of this, many organisations are now re-designing their workspaces and investing in office furniture that promotes a multifunctional environment. Read on for ways your business can too.

Adjustable desks

Investing in height adjustable desks is a great way to plan for the future. Not only are they easily adaptable, providing the ability to adjust working positions based on comfort for various individuals, but are also extremely useful for adapting to different work assignments.

For instance, an employee may need to complete several tasks that are easier done sitting down, such as replying to emails, or other admin tasks. Then, if they need to print and spread out several documents to make other tasks easier, this can be done so by adjusting the height of the desk to a standing position.

Height adjustable desks are great for when it comes to tasks that involve collaboration too. When you need two or three heads gathered round a desk to share ideas, talk about projects, and so on, standing at a desk proves much easier – you haven’t got to worry about clashing chairs.

Tip: Look out for telescopic framed desks. These provide a design where the frame can be adapted to create additional or fewer workspaces, ensuring maximum flexibility when you need it – one of the great features our Wolfe Desk has to offer.

adjustable office desk

Soft seating

Today’s soft seating options come in a variety of types and style. From lightweight stools, bean bags and tub chairs, through to adaptable sofas, benches, and more. These additions are great for many offices, especially those needing flexibility in a confined space.

Corporate breakout rooms or informal meeting spaces benefit from adaptable soft seating massively. With our ‘Hug me’ modular sofa, for example, companies can take advantage of a modular design that enables countless arrangement possibilities. This means that seats can be combined to form a classic corner sofa, and then adapted to an open seating arrangement when needed – the perfect solution for a multifunctional office.

soft seating

Flexible dividers/partitions

If working in an open plan office, you’ll understand that distractions are unfortunately a common occurrence. But with flexible dividers, they don’t have to be.

Dividers, or partitions, can be used to sperate desks, divide a room, or expand rooms into a larger, open space within seconds. They act as moveable walls that prove very useful when dividing teams according to projects, especially when teams are shifted frequently.

As well, dividers can be developed with a focus on sound absorption, creating an acoustic solution that minimises noise distractions in the office.

Take our Focus Table as an example. It serves primarily as a barrier to place in strategic locations that divide and screen off sound.

flexible desk divider

Create a multifunctional office space with Haiken

At Haiken, we supply a range of stylish and ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, soft seating as well as acoustic and smart storage solutions for all your office needs. Focusing on more than just looks, our office furniture range is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and uses quality where it matters to provide cost-effective solutions for all budgets. We love to work closely with our clients to recommend furniture that suits their business, or their clients’ business best.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Haiken furniture range and want to turn your office into a multifunctional workspace, contact our expert team today – we’re always happy to help.