The brief was to open up 1,050 square meters of office space integrating their global design guidelines to create a smart, flexible space that stimulates efficient working. 

With employee wellness and an abundance of light being major influences, the design choice of a timeless, young and fresh aesthetic was created. This was achieved through live planting, social gathering areas and agile desking using our Wolfe desks, which are height adjustable to ensure maximum comfort for the clients employees. 

There was also the additional challenge of sound to deal with in such an open space without creating fixed walls and blocking light. This was solved through incorporating acoustic solutions such as floor screens and focus pods to absorb sound. It's a great example of how to incorporate the focus floor screens by Zilenzio while also adding in a pop of colour.

Private office/meeting room
Focus floor screen
Open office with acoustic screens
Open office and private office
Open office

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