By Noti

Shieldon is a comfortable swivel chair with a unique shape perfect for maintaining individual space in open-plan venues.

Shieldon acts like a "shield", partially separating the user from the outside. The high backrest of the chair extends to the side, ensuring privacy and acoustic comfort. The other side remains open, allowing unrestrained contact with the surroundings.

Shieldon is a perfect choice for commercial areas, where the focus is on creating a greater distance between work in open-plan premises. It is ideally suited for hotel and corporate interiors: to furnish lobbies, meeting places or rest-and-relaxation areas, creating a safe and comfortable environment.

The chair is available in two versions: with high backrest on the right or left side to enable smooth integration into the existing space.

The seat, with its tilt and swivel capabilities, adjusts to user preferences, offering superior comfort of use.

Designed by Tomek Rygalik