We partnered with Estilo who were working with MAPP, a longstanding client, to create a collaborative and agile workspace for their head office. The project involved a combined CAT A & CAT B fit-out, accommodating up to 150 people. The design incorporated various work settings, expanded meeting facilities, and a professional business lounge with hospitality and meeting suite. To align with MAPP's core values of People Plan, Pursue Adventure, and Avoid Ambiguity, the design included high ambient acoustic control in meeting rooms with upholstered wall panels. Sustainability was a priority for MAPP, aiming for SKA Gold standard and prioritizing employee well-being as part of their sustainability initiative.

The use of colour to set out various zones was strongly in use throughout the design along with the use of specific pieces of furniture designed to help with zoning and acoustics. One such piece that was a stand out is the Shieldon chair, with its high back curving round to one side creating a focus zone for the occupant. this was vital in an open plan office design as it provided a place for people to go and work individually in contrast to the rest of collaboration area nearby. 

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