By Noti

Meno collection is a versatile offer for both decorative and acoustic solutions.

It consists of panels of various depths, designed on the basis of classic geometric shapes: semi-circles, squares and rectangles.

The panels reduce the noise and reverberation not only as a result of the applied materials absorbing acoustic waves. In addition, variable panel depths offer the possibility of putting together arrangements with elements aligned at different angles. Consequently, sound waves are dispersed, markedly improving the acoustic characteristics of the interior.

In addition to its sound and reverberation control properties, Meno adds a creative character to any interiors design. Large-sized modules will work fine on most walls in contemporary offices, while small ones will adorn smaller living spaces and apartments.

The sound absorption class according to PN-EN ISO 11654:1997 and PN-EN ISO 354:2005 - A.

Designed by Maja Ganszyniec.