Creativity is crucial for any growing innovative company. The design of an office can have a big impact on how employees are feeling - nobody wants to walk into an office and feel that instant hit of Monday blues.

Studies revealed that desks, chairs, and temperature control were the most important physical features of an office. 85% of respondents considered the design of a workplace important to help spark their creativity and productivity during the working day. So, how can you ensure that employees are happy and content coming into work? In this article, we will be exploring how an offices design can be used to spark creativity.

Create office spaces for collaboration

An office that has spaces for collaboration will help to inspire creative thought. By having zones in a workspace especially for collaboration will allow staff to come together to exchange, build on ideas and get those creative juices flowing.

Having collaborative spaces is a key element in achieving creative success in the workplace as it allows colleagues to bounce ideas off each other and become inspired by other’s thoughts and opinions.

At Haiken, we suggest placing semi-private collaboration spaces around the office, or even a private meeting space provided by meeting pods to allow for that much needed collaboration space.


Open spaces with natural light decrease stress and boost creativity

Research has shown that an open-plan office can increase the levels of creativity in people. This is because not only does it encourage a collaborative mood, but it also enhances that community feel and makes employees feel less confined to one space.

With open spaces, it’s also extremely beneficial to ensure there is plenty of light – especially if you are lucky enough to have an office with a beautiful view outside. Studies have shown that a lack of natural light can contribute to increased levels of stress and this of course will have a big impact on creativity.

By embracing big windows, or even adding some greenery around the office, will help to decrease the chances of mental block and stress and boost that much needed creativity.  

Add a splash of colour to the office

Did you know colours are a powerful tool to inspire creative thinking? Colours can be used to stimulate different moods in us. Blues and greens are ideal for creating a calm office space. Whilst having splashes of red and orange in an office are great to add a bit of warmth and influence creative thinking.

It has been said that white is not the best choice for office walls as while it looks crisp and clean, studies have shown that it isn’t really conductive of productivity or creativity. Researchers have even found that professionals make the biggest number of mistakes when working in a white room, whereas the vast majority preferred to work in a room with green and blue tones.

Keeping this in mind, if you’re not wanting to do a full re-paint of an office, there are other ways to add that much needed colour into an office to help inspire creativity. At Haiken, our acoustic furniture is not only good to create private zones, but it can also be used to add some much-needed colour. Here are a few ideas:

skog acoustic solutions
  • Skog: This floor screen comes in a variety of colours including green (to add that calm feeling) or orange (to create warmth). It is designed to be not only used as a decoration, but also as a screen that ensures noise reduction in the workplace.
  • Mezzo: A wheeled floor screen that is a mobile project screen and message board in one. It’s also sound absorbing and comes in a range of different colours to brighten up your space.
  • Dezibel Floor: A minimal design combined with maximum noise reduction. Available in a broad range of fabrics, allowing you to personalise textures and colours.
  • Focus Table: Is your desk needing some colour? Focus Table can be used to create a personal nook on your desk to create some privacy, it can also be easily folded and stored close by after use making it perfect for activity-based offices.
  • Fazett: An acoustic wall system that comes in many different colours and patterns to cover all kinds and sizes of surfaces. It is a decorative wall pattern that can absorb sound at the same time so it can help to inspire creativity with a splash of colour, whilst also being great to reduce noise to allow for concentration.
fazett wall acoustics
Add touches of inspiration such as artwork around the office

Having art pieces, paintings and photographs around the office can do a lot to get creative juices flowing. Better yet, find artwork that really reflects your company’s culture and values. By adding art pieces such as this around the office can really encourage new ways of creative thinking.

After all, walls should never be seen as just a way to hold up the building, as they are also potential sources for creativity. When coming up with an office design, pay attention to the colours of paint you use and the pictures you hang up, make sure not to clutter the space but add just the right amount to influence inspiration in others.

Creative office furniture from Haiken

Ensuring a creative office and company culture will not only improve worker happiness and productivity, but it will go a long way towards attracting the best talent to your business.

At Haiken, we have a wide range of office furniture that will inspire creativity in the workplace and suit your business needs. Please contact us today to find out more on how we can help with bringing creativity to life!