When coronavirus hit, many businesses had to quickly adapt to a new way of agile working. Now, as employees are beginning to return to the office, designing a flexible workspace is more crucial than ever in this time of change. It is important that offices are flexible so that they can change for daily or weekly needs and be ready for any unpredictable changes.

Certain restrictions such as social distancing will still need to remain in place as all employees start to return to work.  One way that this can be done is through the use of smart storage and implementing the new “6 feet office” to ensure that everyone can stay a safe six feet distanced for increased safety. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of smart storage and how it can be used to transform any office into a flexible workspace.

Brunel Locker Storage

What is ‘Smart Storage’?

The reconfigurations of flexible workspaces usually require an equally smart locker management system that can keep up with the changing environment. Smart storage are innovative locker systems that allow the user to configure the system to suit their specific needs. For example, smart lockers allow a person to assign, open, block and release lockers remotely. They are also self-service so that employees can simply just use the access card or smartphone to control their locker, without the worry of having to ask for access. the self-management of lockers is becoming increasingly important. The workforce is already under pressure, so adding to that pressure can be avoided by letting employees manage the locker space themselves.

The Benefits of Smart Storage

The great thing about this dynamic system is that it can always be adjusted to any specific situation, wishes, and requirements of a company, making it both user-friendly and intuitive – perfect for a flexible office. But what are the other benefits?

  • Enables social distancing: When it comes to covid-19, the more people there are, the higher the risk there will be. A smart locker management system can be used to manage large volumes of people collecting their personal belongings from one specific space in the office.
  • Self-management: The Brunel smart storage provides a low management burden as well as greater user independence. Using a management log in, diverse actions in regard to lockers can be achieved remotely including reporting.
  • Provides efficient locker security: The lockers are safe and secure, the system is fully compliant with GDPR standards, and the lockers automatically re-lock so employees can feel assured their personal items are safe.
  • Helps to maintain clean and hygienic storage spaces: Smart lockers can work fully contactless, limiting the risks of contamination. Also, via the locker software platform, facility managers can easily keep track of which lockers are in use and which are available for cleaning.
  • Flexible and easy to use: The locker software system allows companies to work more flexibly, for example, by allowing employees to use lockers independently at any location in the office without requiring facility management to be physically present to manage the lockers. That’s right- there is no need for keys, batteries, or PINs when it comes to the smart locker, making them perfectly fitting for a flexible office environment.
smart storage

Our Brunel Smart Locker Systems

At Haiken, we have partnered with LoQit who provide us with the latest technology to engineer state-of-the-art smart locker systems. These lockers have a contemporary design that fits in all offices of today and is built for tomorrow. Even better yet - the additional benefit is as the lockers are self-managed, the user will have full charge of managing their own locker with no management needed by administrators or facilities! Can you smell the freedom?

The system will generate an active signal as a response to certain events such as burglary attempts, doors forced open or malfunctions, so users can feel assured that their personal belongings are safe and well-protected. Check out our Brunel smart locker storage today!

Smart storage from Haiken

Smart storage provides the perfect solution to set up the modern and flexible workplace ready for employees to start returning to the office. They ensure users valuables remain safe during the busy working day, whilst also supporting the new social distancing measures.   

To find out more about our Brunel Smart Storage with LoQit technology, visit our smart lockers solution page. Alternatively, contact us and we will be happy to help find the right solution for you.