Smart office lockers offer much more than just a safe place to store your belongings. Not only do they give employees the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want, but also they allow for mutual cooperation and save a lot of time for administrators.

Smart lockers are a perfect solution that fit with today's dynamic work environments. But which smart locker features are a must-have to make sure it's worth the investment? We will discover the answer in this article.

1.      Self-Management

Our Brunel smart lockers with LoQit technology have been developed on the basis of the ‘self-management’ pillar, allowing users to feel more independent with regard to managing and using the lockers. Administrators are also given a more of a monitoring task, so they are largely unburdened by advanced technologies.

Use the lockers whenever, wherever, and however you want

Employees can easily manage their lockers with an access card, PIN code, fingerprint, or with a smart phone. Luckily thanks to this advanced locking technology, the hassle of losing keys and unblocking lockers is a thing of the past!

Manage users

Administrators can save a lot of time with our smart locker solution. The advanced technology of the system ensures that the administrator is given a monitoring task and can easily manage the lockers remotely. Additional features include:

  • Individual settings: Each locker wall can be given individual settings. This makes it possible to set one wall for permanent use and the other for flexible use.
  • Manage users: Thanks to the Brunel smart locker system using LoQit technology, managing users can be easily completed in one system.
  • Configuration: Configure occupancy and permission control right at your fingertips!

Smart technologies

Smart usage configurations ensure that lockers are available to employees at all times, which is crucial for a dynamic working environment. It means that the administrator has considerably less administrative work to complete, and the productivity and well-being of employees increases as they have their own storage space again.

brunel smart lockers
2. Cloud based

The use of cloud software has accelerated enormously in recent years. Cloud-based options are preferred by all organisations today. The LoQit Brunel locker fits in perfectly with this. Thanks to this solution, the locker system is not only safe and flexible to use, but it’s also always up to date, with new features being available for employees to use.

Hassle-free with computer software

The cloud-based solution means that you no longer experience the hassle of setting up or running a data centre, or even investing in computer software and hardware. The LoQit system that Brunel smart locker uses, takes care of all this for the user. All the data is stored securely within the Microsoft Azure environment according to the GDPR guidelines.

Time saving for your IT team

All data is securely stored and processed by the LoQit system. This can be done with little to no disruption and saves your IT team a lot of time, which also cuts costs.

3. Sustainable solution

Corporate social responsibility enables organisations both large and small to choose products that suit them and drive social change. Making workplaces future-proof is one of those sustainable solutions.

A dynamic working environment fits in perfectly with corporate responsibility. With workplaces being set up more efficiently and effectively, hybrid working is the new normal and meetings are increasingly taking place online. With a dynamic locker system, far fewer lockers will be needed per employee, allowing for more space in the workplace.

Optimal layout

Based on current user data, our Brunel smart lockers can optimally set up storage facilities, even if the dynamics within the organisation change. This allows us to determine exactly how many smart lockers that are needed for fixed or flexible use, and which features best fit an organisation. The smart locker system is also fully electronic and fits within the sustainability policies of many businesses.

brunel smart locker loqit system
4. Real-time data

 LoQit’s smart locker solution allows for real-time insight into the use of smart lockers. These valuable insights allow the user to optimise their storage efficiently.

Insights into data

Administrators can use the locker management system to view real-time usage data. For example, you will be able to see which lockers are occupied, which lockers are used daily, or which lockers have not been opened for a long time. This means the storage capacity can be properly assessed and optimised. In addition to our smart lockers allowing you to make targeted decisions and investments, the way data is collected and reported will also save a lot of time.

5. Seamless Integration

The Brunel LoQit smart locker system can be seamlessly integrated with external applications within your organisation. As a result, the system fits in perfectly with the overall workflow and the improvement of business processes.

Refining business processes

Whether it be improving workplace productivity, customer experience, or security, integrations play an important role in refining business processes. The flexibility of our smart locker management system makes it possible to easily link or even integrate with your existing systems. The Brunel smart locker goal is to create the most efficient way of working for all employees and users.

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Smart lockers from Swiftpak

With an integrated smart locker system, you can transform your office into a flexible workspace that is favoured amongst many employees today. To find out more about our Brunel smart locker system, feel free to contact our friendly furniture team today.