An increasing number of workspaces are creating inspirational outdoor spaces due to its many benefits. In this article, we explore the current outdoor furniture trends and those emerging for the future so you can design an outdoor setting for your business that’s guaranteed to be successful in drawing in customers and creating a comfortable and inviting environment.

Trend 1: Bringing the indoors – outdoors with comfortable outdoor furniture

2021 was the start of the indoor-outdoor trend, which spruced up outdoor spaces ensuring they looked more inviting and appealing - and it’s continued since!

What is the indoor-outdoor trend you may ask? It’s exactly as it sounds really. It’s all about bringing the comfort of the indoor living room – to the outdoors, using furniture that would look just as stylish indoors as it would out. This can be done by using luxurious but resilient materials like teak, wicker, natural wood, or any fabric that does not feel like stiff, scratchy outdoor furniture that might have been more acceptable in the past.

Creating a homely aesthetic to the outdoor space by introducing a warm colour palette to match the comfortable outdoor furniture will go a long way in creating a relaxing outdoor ambience. Just look how inviting our Captiva collection looks in the image below.

captiva outdoor furniture
Trend 2: Outdoor furniture that supports both leisure and work  

Another popular trend is combining work and leisure. This means hospitality venues should cater to customers work needs, introducing tables paired with ergonomic outdoor sofas allowing for business meetings or collaborative discussions between colleagues during their lunch breaks.

For leisure, the outdoor furniture should also be ergonomic and comfortable so that customers can unwind.

captiva soft seating
Trend 3: Outdoor furniture that has a vibrant and bold colour scheme

As we have touched on in our previous blog about outdoor furniture for the hospitality industry, a trend that is rising in popularity is implementing more eye-catching bold colours into a design. This is because Generation Z and millennials (Generation Y) are making up a large proportion of hospitality customers for restaurants and pubs in particular, and it is said by colour experts that they are attracted by a bold colour scheme as it’s reminiscent of their childhood (90’s onwards) so furniture designers are becoming more experimental and adventurous with their designs.

Brighter themes can create an uplifting environment, with different colours creating different impacts on people. For example, yellow promotes happiness and is associated with warmth, optimism and cheerfulness making it a smart choice to use for restaurants or hotels. Whereas, green is the colour of nature, promoting a feeling of serenity, tranquillity and health which makes it a great choice of colour for outdoor furniture.

Another popular choice is by having neutral-coloured outdoor furniture and then pairing it with bright and luscious pillows and cushions to add a more subtle element of eye-catching colour to attract the younger generations.

Trend 4: Outdoor furniture and sustainability

Of course, this one was going to come up as sustainability is a huge topic for almost every industry and for the furniture industry it’s no different.

The implementation of more eco-friendly, greener alternatives helps to attract the passionate environmentally responsible customer or for workspaces, the talent that values a company embedding sustainability. But how can you make sure you are more eco-friendly when it comes to your outdoor design choices? Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Adopt LED Lights in which are more eco-friendly
  • Use recyclable furniture materials such as natural wood, teak, rattan, metal, steel, butcher block etc. There has been a gradual move away from unsustainable woven plastic furniture which looks cheap, disposable and is not reflective of the evolving attitudes towards the environment.
  • Try to use recyclable fabrics, linens, and other sustainable materials for your outdoor furniture.
  • Invest in quality furniture that will pass the test of time as well as the elements.

By being in-line with consumers changing tastes and trends and refreshing your outdoor furniture, can improve your business reputation against the competition that may not have made these eco-friendly changes.

vaux outdoor
Trend 5: Outdoor furniture that creates a luxurious experience

The increasing trend of having a relaxing and comfortable seating experience is what is driving the demand for premium furniture for open space areas in households as well as in commercial spaces. Rising consumer preferences for the high quality and fashionable outdoor furniture products is expected to drive the demand for luxury outdoor furniture even more within the next couple of years.

For many industries, it’s all about the ‘wow’ factor and spoiling guests by making the experience the best it can be to help ensure repeat business. There is no better way to do this than by making sure the outdoor furniture look luxurious. But how can you ensure your outdoor furniture gives a sense of luxury? Luxury outdoor furniture usually includes soft curves and delicate finishes with soft high-quality fabric that will give the outdoor space a sense of quality and sophistication.

Outdoor furniture
Outdoor furniture from Haiken

At Haiken, we recently launched a variety of quality new outdoor furniture collections that keep comfort and reliability in mind. Our range of stylish sofas, chairs and tables will help to brighten up your outdoor space, ensuring that you are keeping up with all the latest outdoor furniture trends.

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