Transforming an outdoor setting by introducing stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture can really benefit the hospitality sector in many ways.

In this article, we explore all the ways outdoor furniture can be used to improve businesses in hospitality.

Outdoor furniture can help increase revenue for hospitality businesses

For restaurants, seating is a perishable product. If a table is empty for the night, the opportunity to earn revenue is gone. If you had a physical product, it could be sold the next day but in hospitality, you can’t recoup the revenue missed. The revenue of the restaurant will be heavily linked to the amount of seating the restaurant offers. By adding an outdoor space with more tables, this increases the number of sittings one can have per day and hence can help increase revenues.

For hotels, an attractive outdoor space can also, as the word already suggests, attract more customers as your hotel has improved its offering. The key is to have great photography of the outdoor space (and of course the rest of the hotel) to put it in its best light on the different booking engines. Next to price and reviews, professional, great looking images are one of the top decision factors when booking a hotel.

In hospitality, revenue is mostly generated by room rental and food and beverage offerings, but what about adding another revenue stream? Having an outdoor space allows for the opportunity to potentially host outdoor events, from birthdays to weddings. Another option is hosting local events which not only generates extra income but also helps to create a buzz around the venue and bring in new customers from the local community.

captiva outdoor setting
Outdoor furniture can be used to make a great first impression in hospitality venues

Adding an attractive outdoor setting will help to build a great first impression for visitors. When looking for a place to eat, drink, or just simply unwind, the first thing customers are looking for is somewhere that looks inviting.

Providing an inviting outdoor area can really help to draw customers to your venues. Especially on warm and sunny days where customers would rather be sitting outside.  

For hotels, adding outdoor furniture will help to enhance a guests experience and will make the venue more appealing and welcoming. When designing an outdoor space, it’s important to use the same thoughtfulness as if designing an indoor space. This includes thinking about purpose, layout, biophilia, comfort and of course furnishings.

captiva outdoor

Below are some of the examples of outdoor furniture we provide:

  • Captiva collection: Available in a single chair or 2-seater sofa, the Captiva has a striking bohemian design and comfortable structure making it a favourite amongst outdoor designs. This soft seating is paired with pastel cushions to offer a reliable, comforting space that will brighten up outdoor settings.
  • Vaux collection: the Vaux collection takes its durability from its aluminium structure with aluminium being the most popular option for outdoor furniture due to it being rustproof and highly durable. Vaux helps to add a tropical element to an outdoor setting, perfect for creating an inviting look to your outdoor space during the warmer months.
  • Notre collection: Available in single chair, 2-or-3 seater sofas, or bar stool, the Notre adds a sleek and fresh appearance to any outdoor setting. The Notre is the ideal option that will blend in with a variety of different designs to create a welcoming space.
  • Livia: the stunning Livia outdoor lounge chair brings a sunny outlook to an outdoor space with its warm wooden structure and soft yellow fabric. Truly a statement piece that will brighten up an outdoor area providing the perfect spot to unwind.
  • Pure: a perfect choice for modern outdoor spaces, the Pure outdoor chair draws attention with its comfortable and useful structure that easily blends in with a wide range of designs.
Outdoor furniture colour schemes help to improve business appearance

As already discussed, an outdoor space requires the same thoughtfulness as designing an indoor space.

Colours can play a significant part thanks to their psychological impact on people, and this is the same in the hospitality industry. That is why it’s important to always consider colour when designing your outdoor areas. As a helpful guide, below are some colour examples and the impact they can have:

livia outdoor furniture
  • Yellow: promotes happiness and is associated with warmth, optimism, and cheerfulness. Yellow can also increase the metabolism and give us energy, so it is a smart choice to use this colour in restaurants or hotels.
  • Blue: the colour of calm and serenity. Blue can lower blood pressure and heart rate and is also the most productive colour. It’s an excellent choice for offices, hotels, and spas to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Red: in contrast with blue, red raises the heart rate and blood pressure and is known to stimulate emotions and increase energy. It also helps to promote appetite which makes it a particularly good colour to choose for restaurant outdoor furniture. Similarly, the colour orange is also said to be an appetite stimulant and provides a warm and fun ambiance.
  • Green: The colour of nature, green gives a feeling of serenity, tranquillity and health, that’s why it is a great choice of colour for outdoor furniture.

The recent trend is to be to use a colour palette of bright, vivid, and saturated colours combined with more neutral tones to liven up the atmosphere. This is likely due to Generation Z and millennials (Generation Y) making up for a large proportion of hospitality customers in restaurants and pub. Therefore, furniture designers are becoming more experimental and bold with their colour schemes to help catch their eye as it’s said by colour experts that these generations prefer a bold colour scheme reminiscent of their childhood.

Lively greens are also popular as they go hand-in-hand with the current botanic trend.  Following that, furniture using natural wood and sustainable sources with a particular interest in teak, aluminium and stainless-steel frames are also popular currently.

notre outdoor sofa
Finding the perfect outdoor furniture for hospitality industries with Haiken

At Haiken, we design quality outdoor furniture with comfort and reliability in mind. Our range of stylish sofas, chairs and tables will help to brighten up your outdoor space and provide a breath of fresh air for all.

We would love nothing more than to help you transform your outdoor area. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our outdoor furniture range.