It feels like forever since the world was hit by COVID-19, forcing a widespread lockdown, but it finally seems that everything is (almost) back to how it once was. With social distancing eased, the requirement to wear masks indoors removed, and many of us now double vaccinated, more and more employees are returning to the office every single day.

However, for many organisations, the adoption of remote working has left the office to, shall we say, fall behind the times. If you’re looking to modernise your office and make it a more comfortable, productive space for employees, then stay tuned. Here, we explore 5 office furniture tips that will help you create the perfect working environment.

1. Set office priorities

Depending on the requirements and what takes place in your office on a daily basis, you should first set priorities before making an investment in furniture.

Are you a large company? Does the office welcome several new visitors a day? Are you looking to portray your brand in a certain way? In such cases, the aesthetics of your office may be extremely important – perhaps even a priority.

This means you should pay extra attention to the style of chairs, desks, and accessories that you wish to purchase. You want to leave a good lasting impression on your visitors, don’t you?

Whilst looks are important, there’s a lot more to think about.

Whilst that new table looks amazing, does it fit and offer the space you need? Can you comfortably move around without having to squeeze through tight gaps? And is there enough space to open drawers?

In short, analyse your office space and decide what you want first. You can then move onto the exciting part.

office furniture

2. Choose functional and practical office furniture

You may first be drawn to a big fancy office desk that looks a million dollars, but be sure not to get ahead of yourself. You need to think practically, otherwise you could end up making a big mistake.

What you choose for your business should be functional and provide you with the basics you need. For instance, choosing a desk and deciding not to add a drawer unit ‘because it looks good’ is not the smartest of ideas if you need to store files. So, choose office furniture that you can actually benefit from. Make sure to add accessibility for people using portable equipment such as tablets or laptops by providing power modules with updated USB and charging ports so employees can work flexibly in whichever part of the office they choose without having to be plugged in at a desk.

functional office furniture

3. Seek comfort with office furniture

Ever found yourself slouching more and more as the day goes on? Finding it progressively harder to sit still? Or struggling to concentrate towards the end of your shift? We often forget how long we spend sitting at our desks every day, and an uncomfortable seat can cause all of the above.

Comfort not only affects how you and your body feel, but the quality of your work too. Meaning those who invest in comfortable office chairs will find concentrating easier, make less complaints about discomfort, and see an improvement in work. Times this by ten, twenty, or even one hundred employees in an office and the business benefits hugely - more work gets done, less sick time off is taken, and morale is improved across the board.

comfortable office furniture

4. Plan ahead

It’s easy to sit down and think about what your office needs now, we explore this in our first point, but you should also consider what your future needs may be.

Where do you see your company is 5 years? Do you plan on hiring a number of new employees to expand your marketing efforts? Would you like to move to a space closer to your target clients and can therefore upsize?

If you think that a larger space maybe needed later down the line, consider opting for furniture that can adapt to your growing needs of the future to prevent the need for more purchases when an office move is in sight. An example of this would be to opt for workstations with telescopic frames, so if you need more desk space you only need to change the tops.

Office meeting room

5. Consult with an office furniture expert

If you value your office and employees highly and want to guarantee a comfortable and motivating environment for everyone, who else better to seek advice from than an office furniture expert?

At Haiken, we supply a range of stylish and ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, as well as acoustic and smart storage solutions for all your office needs. Focusing on more than just looks, our office furniture range is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and uses quality where it matters to provide cost-effective solutions for all. We love to work closely with our clients to recommend furniture that suits their business best.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Haiken furniture range and want to turn your office into an inspiring workplace, contact our expert team today – we’re always happy to help.