As people strive to find and express their true selves in 2019, we see the same motivation shifting to the workplace. Being bang on trend, or the same as everyone else is so ‘yesterday’, and the surest way to become individual is to avoid off-the-shelf looks.

A brand is entitled to as much personality as the individuals who make it up, and by heading towards one-of-a-kind interiors or furniture uniquely customised to you, your brand and work tribe will become stronger and unified.

We’ve noticed a significant increase over the past few months for customisation requests.  This post is a round up of our top 6 ways to customise your space to truly reflect your company culture.

1. Name in the lights

Your logo is the original identity of your company.  It is built from your values, product and work ethic – and, most importantly, no one shares it.  Make the most of what is truly unique to you by using your logo to get creative.  We love the light feature in the Splunk offices, McClean, Virginia.

We’ve also spotted bespoke wall-art based around your logo, a moss logo, or logos etched onto glass – choose a concept that will double up as a dramatic entrance piece or statement art in a breakout space, and you’re double winning!


Splunk office

2. All about finishes

Featured: Muse by NOTI.  Exclusively distributed by Haiken in the UK.

Is your company authentic and environmentally concious – with natural finishes, wooden furniture and abundant greenery?  Is it luxury and sophisticated, aligning with the looks of marble or terrazzo stone, velvet or brass touches? Whatever style your company exudes, you can often personalise your furniture with different finishes.

Muse by NOTI, offers a huge range of finish options such as their tabletops in terrazzo or wood or upholstered in leather or fabric. Pictured above and below.

seating finishes

3. Breakout of the box

A stereotypical breakout area?  A tea point or bar, comfortable sofas or modular seating, and something along the lines of a table football, pool table, or table tennis.  Why not customise your space to those who use it?  Conduct a team survey to get feedback on the true interests amongst the staff…

Whether it’s gaming, crafting, traditional board games or an office gym – personalising to the team’s interests will result in their ultimate buy-in and a space that expresses your companies personality.  (We’ll give it to you, pool tables do look pretty cool though.)


soft seating

4. Choices, choices

Featured: Clapp armchairs in orange, Mishell barstools in black.

Considering the colours of wireframe legs, buttons, and the exact feel of fabric upholstery… it is possible to make a piece of furniture completely unique to you.  More than possible, it’s becoming the new norm.

Colour (or pattern) is an especially powerful way to express yourself when personalising furniture.  Stick to brand colours, choose those that represent your style or go back to minimalism with simple black frame and block neutrals.

Office chairs

Featured: Linar Plus, as with all NOTI products, is fully customisable with a range of colour, fabric, and base options.

5. Modular, flexible arrangements

By choosing modular sofa configurations for your workplace, you can create a workplace uniquely customised to your activities.  Transform from a breakout/chill space to focused meeting groups in an instant.  We especially like this muted grey example from Centaline Property in Shenzhen.

See Le Monde in our Aldgate Tower case study for a similar modular ability.


Centaline property offices

6. Tailored to you

Featured: Wolfe sit-stand desk

Forget about the outward appearance, staff comfort can be customised too!  Fast advancing furniture technology means that many pieces can be positioned or adapted exactly to your ideal working position or to suit the task at hand.

Haiken’s Wolfe sit-stand desk is an excellent example of this, with it’s 4 memory height capacity and complete adjustability.  Many of our task chairs are also completely customisable to the user, for example Webb, with its height adjustable lumbar support, sliding seat, synchro tilt & lock mechanism and 3D armrests!

tailored seating

Looking for a complete furniture package? #thinkhaiken

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