Everywhere we look, we’re seeing suited business people perched on velvet chairs, sipping barista delivered lattes.  A modern phenomenon?  We think not, it’s one of the biggest office trends yet.

As the large players in business care more for their team, larger budgets and more lavish design choices are being made when planning an interior or refit.

Here’s our top 7 ways to make your office capture a luxury aesthetic:

1. More executive seating

Why should the extremely comfy chairs be kept for the executives?  By designing upwards on the meeting rooms, everyday tables and chairs, staff will not only have an incredibly enjoyable experience while working, it’ll also give the workplace a distinct luxury feel.

The Nash, by Haiken is a beautiful example of an executive meeting chair that could be used throughout the office.

Nash office chair

2. Luxury doesn’t have to be pretentious

Staff will hugely appreciate the small luxuries of life, perhaps even more than the big.  We’re talking a staff coffee machine, or drinks on the house.  It’s a gym at work, free memberships or benefits, and plenteous breakout spaces.  The small considerations will make the team feel less of a working part and highly valued, directly influencing their productivity.  Better still, have an in-house barista or even a DJ for when things really get going.


Uber offices

3. Texture play

Think back to days when an office was as easy care, and low maintenance as possible.  Low-pile grey carpets or wipe clean tiles, run-of-the-mill desks in white or wood lookalike and no accessories.  Modern offices rebel against that to the extreme.  By introducing textural rugs to zone areas, and considering alternative chair fabrics such as a refined wool blend, leather, or velvet, the office suddenly becomes a place of intrigue.  Staff want to linger and enjoy themselves, and a true ‘luxury’ is captured.

Consider textured wallpaper, mirrored finishes, and wood as well as planting to create a space that oozes an enviable style.

The furniture piece shown above is from our exciting partnership with NOTI.  Contact us for more info

Sona Haiken furniture

4. Breakout spaces

So there’s nothing particularly luxury about a breakout area in the workplace, it’s the way you choose to design it that counts.  At Haiken, we are a strong advocate for large modular 3rd space seating systems.  Upholster a huge sofa-type configuration in a fine weave or neutral velvet fabric, add a Hermes throw and a few designer floor lights – and bang, you’re living in luxury!

Bleacher seating can also be dressed up to great effect, with magazines and plants arranged on beautifully upholstered wooden units.

Haiken are excited to be releasing a whole range of 3rd space furniture in time for CDW so watch this space!  In the meantime, check out our existing 3rd space range.

breakout space

5. Colour psychology

Possibly one of the cheapest ways to up the workplace game is to paint it out.  Deep plum tones, black or greys give a class and drama to any space, whilst crisp white or pastels play the elegant hotel vibe.  By carefully considering furniture colourways and fabrics, you can make an interior sing and feel complete – the key to a luxury feel.

We specialise in creating fully tailored furniture packages to reflect your brand style and bring the sense of luxury to any space.

6. Make meeting rooms and receptions count

You want luxury?  Make your reception areas count, as a place of first impressions.  We’re loving BP’s interiors in the above photo; a large open plan layout with interesting finishes, designer pendants and an eye-catching fire feature!

Meeting rooms are also a great place to go all out, see image 1 for inspiration.  Touch-down, meeting or executive chairs can often me ordered to plush upholstery finishes and set the scene for interior decadence.


BPX energy office

7. ‘Style spots’ and chair grouping

Arranging ‘style spots’ with interior furnishings can add an element of luxury to a space.  Two  or three touchdown chairs is a classic scene around a coffee table, completing each others styles.  This provides a carefully considered space for informal business meetings, and creates a hotel like sophisticated zone.


Dealcorp office Melbourne

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