By Haiken

Introducing Rietveld Shelving System - the epitome of functional and visually appealing modular storage. These versatile shelves offer easy organization, adaptability to any room, and come in wall-mounted, corner, and freestanding options with access from both sides. Perfect for offices, homes, and public places, Rietveld Shelving provides stability and customizable height options for all your storage needs.

The Rietveld Shelving system pays homage to the renowned Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld, a prominent figure in the De Stijl movement. Inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, Rietveld's work embraced the same geometric style that defines the aesthetic of the Rietveld Shelving system. This connection to artistic heritage adds a touch of timeless elegance to these functional and visually appealing storage units.