Aalto Table

By Haiken

The Aalto Dining Table is an all-time favourite in cafes and restaurants because of its easy adaptability to the appropriate interior design of the place. The Aalto Table is versatile due its alternative colour options and the availability in different geometric forms with square and rectangular table alternatives. With its angled foot structure, Aalto Table offers a comfortable sitting experience without hindering its users.

Aalto Table is inspired by no other than Finnish Architect, Alvar Aalto. Aalto had an organic and modern style, ranging from nordic classicism to rational international style modernism during the 1930's to a more organic modernist style from 1940s onwards. His furniture designs were considered to be Scandinavian Modern - reflected in the furniture's elegant simplification and concern for materials - especially wood. So who better to name our elegant and modern wooden Aalto Dining Table after than this great architect!