Whether you’re renovating an office currently in use or setting up a new one, it can be an exciting yet important task that involves a fair amount of planning. Not only do you need to find office furniture that looks great, but it must be comfortable, within budget, and of good quality that will last.

Given the investment office furniture requires, as well as the effects that it has on both employees and customers, it’s essential that you choose the right supplier that will meet your needs.

So, to help ensure a smooth office fit-out project, here are the top five considerations you should make when choosing an office furniture supplier.

1. What is your office furniture budget?

Before you start browsing the web, contacting suppliers, and promising your colleagues state-of-the-art office furniture, you’ll want to establish a budget – and a budget that you’ll stick to. Not only will this prevent you from going over the top, but will guide you in your decisions when browsing potential office furniture choices. After all, you can’t buy champagne on a beer’s budget.

office furniture budget
2. How quickly do you need your office furniture?

Whether you’re in a frantic rush or have all the time in the world, it’s good to get an of expected delivery times from your supplier. This way, you can make purchases and plan accordingly, especially if you need to fit the delivery and installation around other tasks such as flooring or a new kitchen.

office furniture installation
3. What style of office furniture are you looking for?

Alongside your budget and delivery needs, be sure to decide on a style that fits the space you want your office to be.

Are you trying to achieve a modern look? Or perhaps something industrial or Scandinavian?

Think what best represents your brand too, and what impression you want to make on your customers as they enter your office for the first time. Once you have a strong opinion on the style of office furniture you think will go best, make sure your supplier has you covered.

office furniture style
4. Do you have any specific needs?

This point requires a little more thinking, and is determined by your specific situation. So, have a think about any specific office requirements that you may need to meet. This could include the need for financing options, or a large volume of furniture for several office locations within the same company.

Make a list of your needs and ask your potential furniture supplier how they can help. Communication is important, and will help you understand which company can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

modern office
5. Do you need office furniture for a variety of spaces?

When it comes to office furniture, general categories include the reception area, conference room, private offices, the kitchen, and break room.

Figure out what furniture you need for each of the spaces your office consists of, and base your decisions on how these areas can be improved. Think file storage, display cases, and comfy seating for visitors.

For large spaces, professional computer-aided design can help you optimise the office you work in and ensure your aesthetic and style are consistent throughout.

office space
Help with office furniture from the experts

At Haiken, we supply a range of stylish and ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, as well as acoustic and smart storage solutions for all your office needs. Focusing on more than just looks, our office furniture range is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and uses quality where it matters to provide cost-effective solutions for all budgets. Above all, we love to work closely with our clients to recommend furniture that suits their business, or their clients’ business best.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Haiken furniture range, contact our expert team today – we’re always happy to help.