At Haiken, we're passionate about crafting havens for relaxation and connection within your office space. In this blog, we're thrilled to venture into the realm of casual office furniture, highlighting how our signature pieces can elevate comfort, style, and camaraderie in your workplace. From cosy loungers to stylish dining sets, our collection offers a range of options to suit every casual office space. So, grab a seat (preferably one of ours!) and let's dive in!

Livia: Basking in Sunshine

Imagine coming home after a hectic day and sinking into the embrace of the Livia outdoor lounge chair. With its warm wooden structure and soft yellow fabric, the Livia chair adds a touch of warmth to your casual office setting. It's not just a piece of furniture – it's a statement piece that brightens up your interiors, offering a cosy retreat for moments of respite or impromptu brainstorming sessions. The Livia chair seamlessly blends relaxation and productivity, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking comfort and inspiration within their office environment.

Lynx: Where Style Meets Function

No casual office space is complete without a chic and practical table, and the Lynx outdoor table fits the bill perfectly. With its sleek design and sturdy build, the Lynx table effortlessly integrates into any informal office setting. Combine it with our Notre seating set for the ultimate blend of style and relaxation. Whether it's for team lunches or client collaborations, the Lynx table creates an inviting environment for productive and memorable interactions among coworkers.

Pure: Comfort and Versatility

Seeking furniture that seamlessly blends comfort and adaptability for your casual office setting? Look no further than the Pure Chair. With its ergonomic design and contemporary aesthetic, the Pure chair is a must-have for office outdoor spaces of all designs. Its adaptability makes it ideal for impromptu meetings, solo work sessions, or simply unwinding after a busy day. Whether placed on a terrace or amidst a green oasis, the Pure Chair offers professionals a comfortable and stylish retreat amidst their workday.

Notre: Inspired by Beauty

Our Notre collection draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of French landscape architecture, adding a touch of elegance to your office's outdoor setting. From versatile seating options to chic barstools, the Notre collection caters to various office needs and preferences. Whether creating collaborative workspaces or relaxation zones for team-building activities, Notre's refined design elevates the ambience of any office outdoor area.

In Conclusion

At Haiken, we recognise that casual office spaces should offer more than just utility—they should spark innovation, nurture relationships, and offer moments of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of work life. Whether your office vibe is sleek and modern or embraces a natural feel, our carefully curated collection ensures your casual office area mirrors the essence of your workplace culture. Don't hesitate—step into the open air, breathe in deeply, and let us help you design a perfect casual office retreat that aligns with your professional values and promotes workplace wellness.