At Haiken, we're all about crafting smart and comfy office furniture. But guess what? We've got more up our sleeve! Join us on a journey beyond the usual office setup as we unveil our fantastic outdoor seating collection. In this blog, let’s explore a different side to Haiken and discover the charm of our outdoor seating options!

Vaux Sofa: A Tribute to Nature's Elegance

The Vaux outdoor set marries aesthetic appeal with functionality. Inspired by the Iroko tree, a majestic hardwood species native to tropical Africa, the Vaux Sofa reflects the organic beauty of nature. The design of this outdoor set is not just about aesthetics; it's a thoughtful homage to the resilience and elegance found in the grains of the Iroko tree.

Captiva Chair: Bohemian Elegance Meets Comfort

For those seeking a blend of bohemian charm and comfort, our Captiva Chair is a delightful choice. Available in both single chairs and 2-seater sofas, this collection transforms outdoor spaces into vibrant, inviting retreats.

The charm of this piece is further accentuated by the inclusion of pastel cushions, offering not only a visually pleasing experience but also a comfortable space for relaxation. Whether it's a solitary moment of contemplation or a lively outdoor gathering, the Captiva collection effortlessly elevates the ambiance.

Tulli: Versatile Elegance for Various Settings

The Tulli series is an outdoor seating solution that effortlessly transitions from public facilities to garden retreats. It’s perfectly suited for public spaces, events, festivals, and trade fairs, and brings a touch of sophistication to any setting. It also shines in indoor settings, with upholstered versions seamlessly fitting into offices, hotels, or restaurants. This adaptability ensures that the Tulli collection is a versatile choice for various commercial premises, marrying aesthetics with practicality.

In Conclusion

Our journey into outdoor seating options is not just an expansion of our product line; it's a testament to our dedication to providing quality, style, and functionality in diverse settings. 

Uncover a different side to Haiken as we blend quality, style, and functionality in our outdoor furniture. Discover more and contact our expert team today.