Office furniture plays a crucial role in the ambience of your workplace and boosts productivity and morale. Choosing the right furniture for your office is an important task.

One addition many companies are investing in for their office spaces is meeting pods. Meeting booths and pods have become a staple of the modern workplace, across a whole variety of sectors and industries, and have a wide range of benefits for both employees and businesses, including noise reduction, confidentiality, and privacy. The best part about these standalone modular booths is that they come in a wide variety of configurations, so you can choose one that is right for your space. 

However, selecting the right office pod is an important process and needs to be properly considered before a choice is made to ensure you get the most out of your investment. So, in this article, we are going to take you through a complete buyer’s guide to office meeting pods.

Key considerations

What will the booth be used for?

Do you need a quiet space where employees can focus on work? Or more small meeting rooms where your staff members can collaborate? Or maybe even dedicated recording booths for streaming and podcasting? These are all important considerations when selecting your office meeting pods.

No matter what the use, a well-designed sound-proof meeting pod will benefit both the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce and provide a multifunctional space for focus.

Where will the meeting pod be located?

You need to consider the space in which the booth will be located. How big is the space, and will the pod fit in this space? Will the booth be placed as a statement piece in the middle of the room or discreetly in a corner? These questions need to be carefully considered before any choice is made so the booth design and entry/exit points not only blend in perfectly with your office space, but also provide complete functionality.

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What budget do you have?

Like any potential business purchase, costs must be considered to ensure the product will add value to the company and make a return on investment. Meeting pod prices can vary depending on their scale, provider, and design. In addition to this, there will be delivery and instalment costs that will need to be budgeted for. Therefore, doing your research before-hand and comparing all of your available choices is essential.

What added features do you require the meeting pod to have?

You can have the most eye-catching meeting pod ever made, but if it doesn’t have the right features, it will be of no use to you and your employees—making it a waste of money. Once you have decided on what your pod will be used for, it will make the process of choosing the pod’s features much easier.

A meeting pod can have many features and furnishings other than just chairs and a table – but these need to be carefully thought out to ensure the booth is fit for purpose. These considerations include:

  • Sound isolation level: If your pod is going to be placed in a busy area of the office, you will want to consider a higher level of sound isolation.
  • Furnishing: Think about how your employees will be using the space and what furniture it will require. Sofas, desks, display mounts for monitors, or meeting chairs are some of the furnishings you may need to add to your booth. Some vendors will include built-in furniture as part of the purchase to save you time thinking about providing it internally.
  • Power outlets, USB ports and internet: For any office meeting pod, these features will be a necessity, as your employees will most likely have laptops, monitors, and other tech that will need to be charged or connected to electricity.
  • Lighting
  • Access points: Entry and/or exit doors
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Office meeting pods from Haiken

At Haiken, we’ve designed Scott acoustic meeting pods specifically to tackle the common issues of today’s workspace. Our acoustic pods create the perfect isolated space to hold meetings, discussions, and phone calls – or just as a dedicated focus zone. Choose from the Scott Phone Booth or the Scott Meeting Pod, depending on the number of people that require housing. 

Our Scott meeting pod range has been carefully crafted using materials that offer optimum sound absorption. The doors are constructed from a framed, laminated glass panel with grade 1 latches, and the pod comes integrated as standard with full ventilation, lighting, and power. To customise your pod further, why not choose from our range of soft and task seating, or workstations and tables to create a stylish and functional meeting pod fit for your needs.

For more information on our acoustic pod range, contact our expert team at Haiken today. We’re more than happy to help.