Whether an outside area is the centre of a business or an additional benefit for visitors, creating the right space can make all the difference to their experience and perception of an establishment. Therefore, finding the right furniture is essential. 

When choosing outdoor furniture for commercial spaces, there are a number of things to take into consideration to ensure the space will be fit for purpose and durable, 5 of which we will be exploring in this article.

1 - Function 

One of the most important things to consider before purchasing outdoor furniture, is how will the space be used? How visitors use a space should inform every decision made on which furniture is purchased.


  • How many visitors are expected to use the space?
  • What will they be doing in the space? Dining, relaxing, collaborating etc…
  • Who are the visitors, and what are they expecting from the space in terms of function, comfort, and appearance?

Once these functions have been established, it can then be decided which furniture will provide the most suitable solution. For example, if a business is looking to use an outdoor space for dining, it would require tables and chairs, but if a space is used for casual socialising, it would be better to specify comfortable soft seating.

2 - Climate  

The British climate can be notoriously unpredictable, making outdoor spaces particularly difficult to design. It is therefore critical to choose furniture that will withstand a variety of weather conditions. Does the space have any shelter or natural shade or is it completely exposed to the elements? Will it need to be moved inside in colder months? 

These are all things to consider before selecting any furniture. If furniture needs to be moved inside in colder months it must be portable and easy to store away, and if it is going to be left out all year round, it needs to be made from durable, weatherproof materials that won’t wear over time. 

3 - Measurements

In order to ensure a functional and well designed outdoor commercial space, it is paramount accurate measurements are taken so the furniture fits in the space and allows visitors to navigate the space easily, reducing the risk of any accidents.

However big or small the space, careful measuring will not only guarantee minimal mistakes, but will also allow the outdoor area’s full potential to be harnessed.

4 - Materials

When choosing materials for commercial outdoor furniture, there are some points to be considered. The function and climate of the space will play a big part in which materials to go for. As well as this, keeping in line with brand identity colours and style is also important for the space, so choosing the right materials is key.

For example, using furniture with a mixture of wood and metal is perfect for providing a durable yet stylish space. However, if the space requires a more modern look, then a sleek aluminium base is more suitable.

Before purchasing any furniture, it is always best to research the material and its durability, to get the most out of the space for longer.

5 - Style  

Once the practicalities have been considered, it is time to start thinking about the style and design of the furniture. Commercial spaces need to reflect brand aesthetics whilst also appealing to the clientele. Therefore, selecting furniture that provides both style and functionality is important. Although function is a recommended consideration before form, it does not always mean a compromise has to be made on style. 

The style of the space should be able to tell visitors what to expect from a business so keep in mind the type of furniture you choose. A family friendly café wouldn’t suit high bar stools for example. Think too about the style of the inside space – does this need to be continued to the outside or could a stark contrast be made to keep things interesting? 

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