How It Works

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1. You refer

First of all, think of a colleague that isn't currently using (and therefore hugely missing out on) the amazing products and service we offer at  Haiken. Then simply send a referral email.

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2. They spend £1,000

Once they've reached the spend target of £1,000 worth of Haiken products in their next project, you'll both be eligible to receive your reward.

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3. You both receive £100*

Your account manager will notify you both of the referral scheme completion. A reward from the options below can then be chosen by both parties.

Your referral scheme gift options

£100 Amazon Voucher
£100 Deliveroo Voucher
Wine Bottle - 12 Bottles
Donate to Charity
All gifts are equivalent to the value of £100.

A reminder of the benefits
of working with Haiken

  • Versatile
  • Design-led
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quality where it matters
  • Sustainability


The workspaces of today are rapidly changing, so your office needs flexible office furniture that can adapt to the changing needs. Designed for the offices of today and tomorrow, our products offer versatility. Whether it is a telescopic frame on workstations, moveable acoustic pods or interchangeable fabrics our modular office furniture supports your agile working environment.

Haiken Wolfe Office Scene


To us, design in furniture goes beyond aesthetics. We focus on clever engineering built on behaviour to help your workplace adapt to new ways of working. With furniture products from Haiken, expect a workplace that inspires your team through daily tasks, meetings, and even those boring admin jobs. Whether it’s elegance and comfort or sound-dampening acoustic solutions, you’ll find the furniture your office needs to thrive, in style.

Zilenzio Delta Ceiling Panels

Quick turnaround

The fast-paced business world needs solutions, and they need them fast. With our complete range of in-stock furniture ready for speedy delivery, we can get your workforce seated and working comfortably at their desks in as little as 6 hours.

Noti Tulli Light Studio

Quality where it matters

We understand what your office needs to thrive and deliver quality where it matters. Providing all the functions in good-quality furniture without the hefty price tag, our extensive range of office furniture offers value like no other.

Haiken Brunel


As an eco-conscious team looking to make a difference, we do things the right way. With our planet, our health, and our future in mind. Delivering built to last furniture featuring interchangeable worktops, alongside the use of natural materials you can feel confident in choosing Haiken for your office furniture needs.

Zilenzio Zorla

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the person I've referred need to do?

They must simply mention your name and that they'd like to participate in the referral scheme upon placing their order with us. Once they've done this and spent their first £1000 with Haiken on their next project, you'll both be eligible to receive your reward.

When will we get our reward?

Once the colleague you referred has spent £1000 with Haiken on their project, we'll need to verify internally. Once we've done this, we'll order your chosen gift right away. Depending on the gift chosen, you will receive it via email or delivery will be arranged to your address.

Can I refer a colleague who is already with Haiken?

You can only refer colleagues who have not previously ordered with us. To be eligible, they will need to be a new Haiken user and meet the referral requirements listed on this page.

Terms & Conditions

The Haiken referral scheme is available to existing customers who successfully refer a new colleague. The new account must make us aware of the referral and meet the necessary spend target of £1000 on a project with Haiken. You can't refer a colleague who has previously ordered with Haiken. No cash redemption is possible. The gifts are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. For complete gift card terms and conditions for the Amazon gift card, see