Le Monde

By Noti

Le Monde is a collection of geometrically shaped sofas based on an innovative design. The backrest of the sofa consists of a combination of pillows with a special concealed frame, giving the sofa a unique impression of lightness, and delivering comfort and functional performance. The sofa, which was conceptualised by the Milanese designer Leonardo Talarico, is a perfect furniture item not only for reception areas, home settings, but also hotel interiors.

The ingeniously designed structure of the backrest is visually attractive from every angle, making the sofa a perfect free-standing piece of furniture. The sofa comes in two versions (resting on delicate metal legs or without legs) giving the item a different style. Modular seats enable users to compose their own arrangements, and a wide selection of colours and fabrics from the Noti sample book endows the collection with a universal appeal.

Designed by Leonardo Talarico.