By Haiken

Due to its iconic design, the Gibbs chair will bring a distinct statement to every space thanks to its eye-catching curved outline. The Gibbs chair comes in a variety of colours and different leg options for you to choose from.

Gibbs was named after one of Britain's most influential architects, James Gibbs (1682-1754), who's work spanned the transition between English Baroque architecture and Georgian architecture. Among his important works include St Martin-in-the-Fields at Trafalgar Square, the cylindrical, domed Radcliffe Camera at Oxford University, and the Senate House at Cambridge University.

Gibbs was strongly influenced by the work of Sir Christopher Wren, who was also an early supporter of Gibbs. Hence why we named the Gibbs chair after him, as the Gibbs chair takes inspiration from our Wren chairs with an obvious difference being its extended back.