A purpose-built facility for collaboration

Flavour and fragrance ingredient manufacturers Treatt originally spread across various buildings. The distance was creating a disconnect across their businesses which was having an impact on their efficiency.

In order to solve this problem, Treatt saw the opportunity with the help of Oktra to unite their office and manufacturing teams under one roof in a modern, purpose-built facility that would help colleagues to collaborate as well as draw in regional talent.

Treatt’s new workspace is designed to stimulate new ways of working and enable agility. This was achieved by implementing a variety of task-based workstations for different employees needs within the open plan office. Each department is now equipped with height adjustable desks so the user can choose to sit or stand whilst working to improve flexibility. Brain-storming zones were also added in the departments where staff tend to work more collaboratively. Not only that, but meeting rooms and pods were placed towards the rear-end of the office, with meeting booths with high backs to provide acoustic variety being dispersed throughout the open plan area.


As for the ground floor, this was designed to be a welcoming and inclusive reception space for employees to come together to eat, meet, rest and play. Treatt’s team now has access to a food and drink facility, games area, and an outdoor terrace which Treatt hopes will help to encourage staff to have separation from their desks and will result in an improvement in their wellbeing.

Speaking of improving wellbeing, our Lasdun task and meeting chairs were used in this exciting project within the open plan space. A perfect choice for improving the wellbeing of employees as Lasdun is exceptionally comfortable with the upholstery material used being specially selected elastic ‘tech’ mesh to offer optimal support and ease of movement.

This was a great project to be a part of and Oktra did a fantastic job re-designing the space so that it represented Treatt’s brand with an extensive colour palette across the furniture and finishes, whilst ensuring that the design supported agile working and improved efficiency and wellbeing.

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